Happy rainy days! How about buying an umbrella as a souvenir that will make you look forward to rainy days?

Wpc. will sell the new umbrella “Glow Pearl Umbrella Frill” from Saturday, March 25, 2023 at Wpc. Shinsaibashi Parco store, Wpc. LUCUA 1100 stores and others.

“Glow Pearl Umbrella Frill” 4,290 yen

Umbrella with “plenty of frills” shining like pearls

“Glow Pearl Umbrella Frill” is a new umbrella that has a more romantic arrangement by adding plenty of frills to the “Glow Pearl Umbrella” that shines like a “pearl”.

Fabric that changes its expression depending on the light

The fabric used for the umbrella changes color depending on the amount of light and angle, so you can enjoy various expressions. Also, the umbrella has a frilled volume when closed, which will make you feel excited even on a gloomy rainy day.

With 4 color variations

The handle is made of a clear material with a sense of transparency, giving it a cool look. There are four colors available: off, orange, mint, and lavender, so choose your favorite.


“Glow Pearl Umbrella Frill” 4,290 yen

【Release Date】 Saturday, March 25, 2023
【Stpre】 Wpc. Shinsaibashi Parco store, Wpc. LUCUA 1100 store, Wpc. official online shop
*The only real store is Osaka
【Color】 off-white, orange, mint, lavender
【Official Website】 https://wpc-worldparty.jp/