Happy snack time with matcha easily anytime♪


The Iyemon Rich Tea Cream Sandwich, a confectionery made with Iyemon brand matcha, is now available.

Cookie sandwich where you can enjoy rich matcha

“Iemon Okoicha Cream Sandwich”, where you can easily enjoy Iemon’s matcha with a cream sandwich, is now available.

Crispy cookies baked with matcha kneaded in are sandwiched with rich matcha cream, which is made by adding matcha that goes well with cream. It is recommended not only for a relaxing time for yourself, but also for sharing with someone.

Iemon Rich Tea Cream Sandwich 324 yen


“Iemon Rich Tea Cream Sandwich”

【Store】 Mass retailers, drug stores, retail stores, etc.
【Price】 324 yen
【Official Website】 https://montoile.co.jp/lineup/iyemon/