Happy to see and eat! A must-try donut for those who love cute things!


From the natural donut specialty store “Floresta”, a new donut “Cinnamoroll Easter Collaboration Donut” has been released in collaboration with Sanrio’s popular character Cinnamoroll. During the period from April 8th (Sat) to 30th (Sun), 2023, it will be divided into the first and second installments.

Cinnamoroll with an “Easter” motif is now a donut!

The “Cinnamoroll Easter Collaboration Donut” is characterized by the combination of the Cinnamoroll character and the world view of the spring event “Easter”.

First of all, the first donut is a cinnamoroll with “rabbit ears” and a friend’s cappuccino. The cute visuals that pop out of the colorful ring donuts are attractive. Another point is that each face uses a different flavor. Floresta’s original white chocolate is used for the cinnamoroll, and Kinako chocolate is used for the cappuccino.

From left) Rabbit ears Cinnamoroll, Rabbit ears Cappuccino 520 yen each (To-Go price)

In the second installment, Cinnamoroll and his friend Mocha, with a pop “Easter egg” on their head, are ring donuts. The mocha face is finished with a special Floresta-like flavor, such as a “caffe latte flavor” that is made by mixing organic coffee powder with white chocolate.

From left) Easter Cinnamoroll Easter Mocha 520 yen each (To-Go price)


Cinnamoroll Easter Collaboration Donuts

【Sales Period】 April 8th (Sat) – 30th (Sun), 2023
[1st] April 8th (Sat) to 18th (Tue) Rabbit ears Cinnamoroll, Rabbit ears Cappuccino
[2nd] April 19 (Wednesday) to 30 (Sunday) Easter Cinnamoroll Easter Mocha
【Price】 520 yen each *To-Go price
[Tohoku] Ishinomaki R45
[Kanto] Utsunomiya Heisei Street Store, Gakugeidaigaku Store, Koenji Store, Kamakura Store
[Tokai] Hamamatsu Sanji’s store, Nonami station store, Hibino station store, Aeon Town Kakamigahara store
[Kansai] Nara Main Store, Horie Store, Kita Hanada Store, Kitchen Codomo, Mita Woody Town Store, Oji Park Store
[China] Yonago store
[Kyushu] Fujisaki Store, Hirao Store, Ropponmatsu Store, Oita Store, Oita Station Ueno no Moriguchi Store, Oita Ozai Store
【Official Website】 https://www.nature-doughnuts.jp/