Hattendo’s “Creamy Buns” Renewed! A new ratio of cream overflowing from every bite! You must try it when you come to Japan!


Hattendo’s “Creamy Buns” have been relaunched and will be available at all Hattendo stores nationwide from December 1, 2022 (Thursday).

Hattendo’s “Creamy Buns” renewed

Since its launch, Hattendo has developed its signature “Creamy Buns” in various forms, including renewal in pursuit of better taste, seasonal flavors using seasonal ingredients, and collaborations with the Moomins.

New ratio of cream overflows when you take a bite

In this renewal, the bread dough has been improved and the amount of cream inside has been increased. The flavorful bread with butter and fermented cream has been infused with an overflowing amount of cream, evolving into a sweet bread with a richer taste.

5 flavors in total

The flavor lineup will remain the same. There are five flavors: “Custard,” which combines simple custard cream with carefully selected pure fresh cream; “Fresh Cream & Custard,” which contains a higher percentage of pure fresh cream; “Matcha,” which uses Yame tea produced in Fukuoka Prefecture; “Ogura,” made with red beans from Hokkaido and cooked slowly; and “Chocolate,” which is not too sweet. Chocolate is available in five varieties.

(Clockwise from top left) Custard, whipped cream & custard, green tea, chocolate, Ogura


Hattendo “Creamy Bun” renewed

【Release Date】 Thursday, December 1, 2022
【Price】 300 yen / each
(Tokyo) HACHI PAN CAFE Akihabara Metropia, Ecute Shinagawa, JR Ikebukuro, Echika fit Nagatacho, JR Ebisu, Ecute Tachikawa
(Nagoya) JR Nagoya Takashima
(Fukuoka) Hakata Daytos Ippin Dori store, JR Kokura store
(Oita) JR Oita store
【Flavor】 custard, cream & custard, green tea, ogura, chocolate
【Official Website】 https://hattendo.jp/