Have a fun and happy meal time in the cute penguin Koupen-chan’s world!


The collaboration cafe “Koupen-chan Diner” with the motif of “Koupen-chan” will open in Ikebukuro Parco, Tokyo from Saturday, March 11, 2023 to early May, and in Nagoya Parco, Aichi from March 30 (Thursday). Open until May 14th (Sun).

American diner-style cafe “Koupen-chan Diner” in Ikebukuro & Nagoya

“Koupen-chan” is a character who affirms the trivial events of everyday life, and is popular in books, goods, Twitter, line stamps, etc. A cafe that collaborates with such a popular character will open in Ikebukuro and Nagoya for a limited time. With the theme of “American diner”, we will offer a variety of hearty menus and goods that reflect the world view of Koupen-chan, who is a little more mature than usual.

In addition, there will be a limited menu of food, sweets, and drinks that will change in the first half and second half of the exhibition, so you can enjoy it in various ways.

A voluminous original menu studded with Koupen-chan

For example, “Eat Together ~ Steak & Garlic Rice” expresses the appearance of Koupen-chan with garlic butter rice that is well seasoned. On Koupen-chan’s head, there is also a quail Evil Enaga-san. If you like, you can enjoy the attached steak sauce and cheddar cheese sauce over the steak.

Eat Together ~ Steak & Garlic Rice
1,870 yen

In addition, the food is “Koupen-chan Diner Burger Set”, which is sandwiched with bacon, lettuce, tomato, etc. in buns imitating Koupen-chan’s face, and baked pasta with plenty of melty cheese. Lava pasta with cheese” etc.

“Sugoi! Melty cheese lava pasta” 1,760 yen *Limited menu for the first half of the exhibition

Cute sweets and drinks such as caramel sundae

The sweets and drink menu is also substantial. “Koupen-chan’s adult caramel sundae” inspired by Koupen-chan who came to visit the diner and has an “adult atmosphere”, “Pink Koupen-chan brownie” with strawberry ice cream of cute pink Koupen-chan, blue We will prepare sweets that allow you to enjoy the world of the work, such as the “Kiritto Coffee Jelly Float” with bittersweet coffee jelly on top of salt-flavored ice cream, and strawberry shakes.

“Koupen-chan’s adult caramel sundae” 1,540 yen

Original goods are also sold

In addition, at the goods shop attached to the café, goods using original art are sold. A wide variety of products are available, including lunch plates, glasses, acrylic badges, and T-shirts.

Koupen-chan Diner T-shirt Neon Sign Parfait Black 3,190 yen


“Koupen-chan Diner”

■ Tokyo, Ikebukuro PARCO
【Store Period】 Saturday, March 11, 2023 – early May
【Venue】 THE GUEST cafe&diner
【Address】 7th floor, Ikebukuro Parco, 1-28-2 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
【Hour】 11:00-21:30 (L.O. Food 20:00 / Drinks 20:30), Shop 11:00-21:00 *According to the museum’s business hours
【Official Website】 https://the-guest.com/koupenchandiner_ikebukuro/

■ Aichi/Nagoya Parco
【Store Period】 Thursday, March 30 – Sunday, May 14
【Venue】 THE GUEST cafe&diner
【Address】 Nagoya Parco West Building 8F, 3-29-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
【Hour】 11:00-21:00 (L.O. Food 19:00 / Drinks 19:30) *According to the museum’s business hours

*No advance reservations. When using, go directly to the store.
*If congestion is expected, numbered tickets may be available.
*The adjoining goods shop is open to anyone, and admission is free.
*Depending on the congestion situation, the goods shop will form a waiting line and distribute numbered tickets.
*Ikebukuro PARCO is expected to be crowded on March 11th (Sat) and 12th (Sun), so if you are lining up before Ikebukuro PARCO opens, please line up at the designated spot by 10:50.
*After 10:50 go directly to the store.