Have a happy & luxury time with refreshing afternoon tea

The St. Regis Hotel Osaka will offer the early summer limited “St. Regis Afternoon Tea -Summer Refreshing with SAYURI-” from May 12, 2023 (Friday) to July 31, 2023 (Monday).

Limited summer afternoon tea with new tea and citrus fruits

“St. Regis Afternoon Tea – Summer Refreshing with SAYURI -” is an afternoon tea with a lineup of sweets and savory that look cool and green, using fragrant new tea, lime, yuzu and other citrus fruits. It is also attractive that you can enjoy a new sensation tea pairing of the world’s leading Japanese tea brand “SAYURI”.

“St. Regis Afternoon Tea -Summer Refreshing with SAYURI-” 6,900 yen per person *Service charge included

Welcome dessert is panna cotta using “new tea”

First of all, guests are greeted with “Cold Brew Green Tea Jelly & Panna Cotta” using fresh tea. A beautiful green color reminiscent of fresh greenery is an eye-catching item.

“Cold Brew Green Tea Jelly & Panna Cotta”

Refreshing sweets using citrus fruits and tea

For sweets, a menu using fresh and refreshing citrus fruits such as “Lime and Amanatsu Jelly” and “Yuzu and Cherry Mousse” has appeared. In addition, the lineup includes sweets such as “Matcha and Lychee Tart” and “Ichibancha Raw Chocolate” where you can enjoy the harmony of the refreshing aroma, umami and sweetness of tea.

Savory with bright green color

For savory, there is the “chicken mousse and pistachio balls” with a smooth mousse and pistachio richness and texture, and the “feta cheese and zucchini marinated mint” with the sweetness and refreshing flavor of sheep’s milk and the flavor of caviar and mint. Flavor Caviar” line up. The savory can also be enjoyed fresh and light with beautiful colors reminiscent of fresh green.

New sensation Japanese tea pairing

In addition, a tea pairing of “SAYURI” Japanese tea and sweets will also appear. Combining tradition and modernity, you can enjoy the playful combination of three types of “SAYURI” green tea and sweets.

For example, “Organic Uji Gyokuro”, which maximizes the sweetness of “SAYURI”, is combined with the faint salty taste of salt sable, so that you can feel the rich umami, richness and sweetness of Gyokuro. In addition, the “organic floral mix” of sencha, which is a blend of lemongrass, marigold, and pink rose petals, has a gorgeous scent and gentle sweetness that harmonizes with the apple cinnamon compote, creating a fragrance and taste in your mouth. Spice spreads out.


“St. Regis Afternoon Tea -Summer Refreshing with SAYURI-“

【Sales Period】 Friday, May 12, 2023 to Monday, July 31, 2023
【Hour】 ①12:00〜/②12:15〜/③12:30〜/④14:30〜/⑤14:45〜/⑥15:00〜
【Price】 6,900 yen * Service charge included
【Place】 The St. Regis Hotel Osaka The St. Regis Bar 12F
【Reservation】 06-6105-5659(10:00~19:00) or Online
【Official Website】 https://www.stregisbar.stregisosaka.com/afternoontea

■ St. Regis Afternoon Tea to GO!
【Sales Period】 Friday, May 12, 2023 to Monday, July 31, 2023
*Reservation required by the day before
【Place】 French restaurant “Le Doll” La Boulangerie 1F
【Price】 1 box for 2 people 8,500 yen Includes 2 SAYURI Sencha tea bags and 2 Tea Leaves black tea bags
【Pick up Time】 12:00 – 18:00