Have a luxury and happy time with Matcha Afternoon Tea!


At Shangri-La Tokyo, the afternoon tea set “Natsumeku Matcha Afternoon Tea” in collaboration with the tea farmer “Chaen Shimizuya” in Uji, Kyoto will be held from May 1st (Monday) to June 30th (Friday), 2023. Offered for a limited time.

Summer Matcha Afternoon Tea” 7,480 yen per person *15% service charge not included

Shangri-La Tokyo “Summer Matcha Afternoon Tea”

Shangri-La Tokyo proposes afternoon tea that matches the changing seasons in a luxurious space where silence spreads even though it is in the center of the city. This time, you can enjoy various sweets and savory using matcha from the long-established tea farm “Chaen Shimizuya” in Uji, Kyoto, which has been in business for 300 years since the Edo period.

Summer Matcha Afternoon Tea” 7,480 yen per person *15% service charge not included

Sweets and savory using the finest matcha tea from “Chaen Shimizuya”

The afternoon tea stand is decorated with a menu that uses plenty of the finest matcha that brings out the rich aroma and flavor of tea leaves. For example, the “Matcha Cappuccino”, which has a beautiful contrast between rich matcha and green and white, is a dish that has layers of strong matcha, matcha ganache, and caramel sauce and light whipped cream, allowing you to directly enjoy the aroma and flavor of matcha.

In addition, there are matcha pavlova with mango passion ganache inside, shortcake using melon that is in season in the summer, roasted green tea cake with a fragrant taste, green tea soba roll sushi wrapped in conger eel and perilla that feels early summer. A variety of menus are available to suit.

The finest matcha parfait with various ingredients

In addition, a matcha parfait using the finest matcha from “Chaen Shimizuya” will be offered for a limited time only. Layered ingredients such as rich flavored gateau chocolate, bar chocolate, black honey whipped cream, red bean paste, matcha warabi mochi, matcha ice cream, and topped with black sesame tuile. It is a parfait with a deep flavor that perfectly blends bitterness and sweetness.

“Matcha parfait” 4,180 yen *15% service charge not included


■ “Summer Matcha Afternoon Tea”
【Sales Period】 May 1, 2023 (Monday) – June 30, 2023 (Friday)
【Hour】 Weekdays 14:30-17:30 / Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 13:00-17:30
【Place】 Shangri-La Tokyo 28th Floor Lounge & Bar “The Lobby Lounge”
【Price】 1 person 7,480yen *15% service charge not included
【Reservation】03-6739-7877 or Online
【Official Website】 https://www.shangri-la.com/jp/tokyo/shangrila/dining/bars-lounges/lobby-lounge/

■ “Matcha Parfait”
【Sales Period】 May 1, 2023 (Monday) to June 30, 2023 (Friday)
【Hour】 11:00-17:30 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) / 11:00-22:30 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
【Place】 28th Floor Lounge & Bar “The Lobby Lounge”
【Price】 4,180 yen *15% service charge not included
【Official Website】 https://www.shangri-la.com/jp/tokyo/shangrila/offer-detail/dining/the-lobby-lounge-matcha-parfait/