Have a luxury and happy time with sweets buffet in OSAKA


Rihga Royal Hotel (Osaka) will hold a limited-time sweets buffet “Sweets Buffet ~Cha Torori.~” (Tea melting) from Saturday, April 22, 2023 to Friday, June 30, 2023.

Rihga Royal Hotel (Osaka) Tea Sweets Buffet

RIHGA Royal Hotel (Osaka) where you can enjoy a sweets buffet featuring various ingredients and themes according to the change of the season. This time, with the theme of “tea”, we will propose a total of 24 types of sweets using matcha, sencha, and hojicha, and a total of 18 types of food in a buffet style.

A variety of menus using matcha, sencha, and hojicha

The buffet stand is decorated with a variety of Japanese sweets made with a variety of teas. For example, “Hojicha Mousse and Peach Apricot Jelly” is a pastry chef’s recommended dish that allows you to enjoy the exquisite harmony of fragrant hojicha and sweet and sour peach apricot gelée.

Hojicha Mousse and Peach Apricot Jelly

In addition, “Matcha Pudding”, which is a Brazilian-style pudding arranged with matcha, “Matcha Opera”, which is a layer of almond dough, matcha syrup, matcha butter cream, and ganache, and “Hojicha Moist Pound”, which has a moist texture. A variety of menu items such as cakes are available.

Matcha Opera

Special sweets limited to one per person “Matcha Affogato”

Also, pay attention to the “Matcha Affogato”, which is offered as a special sweet that is limited to one per person. When you put a thick matcha sauce on the dome-shaped chocolate, the sweets appear from inside, making it a gorgeous dish.


“Sweets Buffet ~Cha Torori.~”

【Sales Period】 Saturday, April 22, 2023 – Friday, June 30, 2023
【Restaurant】 “All Day Dining Limone” (RIHGA Royal Hotel (Osaka) West Wing 1F)
【Hour】 ①11:30~/②13:30~ ※90 minutes
【Price】 Adults 5,500 yen Elementary school students 3,800 yen
*Free for one preschooler per adult.
【Reservation】 06-6441-1056 or Online
【Official Website】 https://www.rihga.co.jp/osaka/restaurant/list/remone