Have you been there yet? Valentine’s Chocolate Expo 2022″ 3,000 kinds of sweets will be gathered at Hankyu Umeda Main Store!

One of the largest chocolate festivals in Japan, “Valentine’s Chocolate Expo 2022,” is being held at the Hankyu Umeda flagship store in Osaka from January 12 (Wed.) to February 14 (Mon.), 2022.

“Valentine’s Chocolate Expo 2022.”

The “Valentine’s Chocolate Expo 2022” is one of the largest chocolate festivals in Japan with about 300 brands and 3,000 kinds of chocolates under the theme of “Happiness Connected by Chocolate”. A variety of chocolates will be sold at the main venue on the 9th floor of the Hankyu Umeda flagship store, and at 14 other locations on 10 floors from the basement to the 11th floor.

【9F Event Choco Park】 Brand Chocolates & Alcohol Chocolates

At the “Choco Park” on the 9th floor, the main venue, there will be a “Bonbon Chocolate Museum” with chocolates from popular brands, a “Rica Choco Marché” with mature chocolates made with alcohol, and a “Gogo! Gogo! Choco Parlor” where you can enjoy unique chocolate sweets on the spot.

At the “Bonbon Chocolate Museum,” famous brands such as JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN, pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris, and PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS will open their stores, offering a wide selection of high-quality chocolates to enjoy during the Valentine’s Day season.

Also appearing at the “Rica Choco Marché” will be John Kanaya, which offers an assortment of chocolates made with tea liqueur and Scotch whiskey, and CHOCOLATIER PALET D’OR, which offers bonbon chocolates made with whiskey from five Japanese craft distilleries.

【Hankyu Umeda Hall (9th floor)】 “Cute” Chocolates

The “heart-stirringly cute” chocolates are gathered at Hankyu Umeda Hall on the 9th floor. The parfait specialty store Parfaiteria Largo has arranged the traditional French confectionery “Opera” in “Opera Cans”, and the “Bouquet Mignon Lina Bleu”, a chocolate assortment with the motif of a “bouquet” by Message de Rose. The “Bouquet Mignon Lina Bleu” is a chocolate assortment with a bouquet motif.

Right) Parfeteria Largo, Opera cans: Opera 701 yen, Opera Pistache, Opera Cassis 801 yen each, Opera can set of 3 2,001 yen / Hankyu Umeda Hall, 9th floor

【9F Festival Plaza】 Focusing on the appeal of cacao

At the festival plaza on the 9th floor, we will focus on the appeal and potential of cacao. Participating companies include MAROU of Vietnam, MARANA, which has a factory in Peru, and Teo & Philo, which conveys the appeal of the Philippines, and will offer a wide variety of tablet chocolates that allow you to fully enjoy the taste of cacao harvested from all over the world. A wide variety of tablet chocolates will be available.

Right) THEO&PHILO gift box, set of 5, 4,590 yen / 9th floor, Festival Plaza

【9F Art Stage】 Chocolates made with Japanese ingredients

On the 9th floor Art Stage, you will find a variety of unique chocolates that utilize ingredients from each region from Hokkaido to Okinawa. RAMS CHOCOLATE is selling “Asahikawa Bonbon Chocolates 2022”, which offers the taste of the land and the aroma of the culture of Asahikawa, Hokkaido. You can enjoy 12 chocolates made with blue cheese from Ise Farm in Etanbetsu, which raises dairy cows on a grass-based diet, and coffee from the famous Coffee Tei Chiroru, which also appears in the novel.

Right) Rams Chocolate Asahikawa bonbon chocolates 2022 (12 pieces) 4,801 yen / 9F Art Stage

【9th Floor Hankyu Umeda Gallery】 Domestic brands

Lined up at the Hankyu Umeda Gallery on the 9th floor are domestic luxury brands that offer chocolates that make the most of Japan’s unique ingredients. These include Club Harrier, whose craftsmen have won domestic and international competitions, Maison Cacao, famous for its “aromatic raw chocolate,” and Toshi Yoroizuka, created by world-renowned chocolatier Toshihiko Yoroizuka. And other talented brands will be selling high-quality Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Right) Club Harrier Chocolat Assortment 2022 / 9F Hankyu Umeda Gallery

All 10 floors except the 9th floor are filled with chocolate!

A total of 10 floors, from the 1st to the 4th basement floor, the 6th to the 7th floor, and the 10th and 11th floors, are also filled with unique chocolates. Goncharov Animal Chocolates, which offers chocolates with animal motifs that are so cute it’s a waste to eat them, and Wagashi Set, a sweet shop that offers adult Valentine’s Day chocolates inspired by Japanese sweets.

Right) Kanmigaro Japanese Sweets Set C 756 yen / 10F Umeda Souk, Central District Park


Hankyu Umeda Main Store “Valentine’s Chocolate Expo 2022

【Place & Event Period】
(B1F) Jan 12 (Wed) – Feb. 14 (Mon), 2022
(9th floor & each floor) Jan. 20 (Thu) – Feb. 14 (Mon), 2022
(Online Store) Until Feb. 7 (Mon), 2022
【Address】 8-7, Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

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