Have you eaten yet? Komeda’s coffee is now selling “More Otona (Adult) Noir” for a limited time only!


Komeda’s coffee shops nationwide are currently selling “More Adult Noir,” a “bittersweet” flavored Shironoire, on a seasonal basis from November 25, 2021 (Thu) until late December.

Bittersweet coffee-flavored “Otona (Adult) Noir” evolves

Komeda Coffee Shop will launch “More Otona Noir,” an evolution of its coffee-flavored “Otona Noir,” on a limited basis nationwide. The new “More Otona Noir” features a “rich and slightly bitter” flavor for adults, utilizing the richness and subtle bitterness of coffee.

The Danish bread is soaked in a coffee syrup reminiscent of deeply roasted espresso and combined with cool soft serve ice cream. The soft serve is topped with a crunchy fiancée for a textural accent.

In addition to the regular size that can be shared by everyone, there is also a “More Otona Noir Mini Size” that can be eaten by one person. The coffee’s deliciousness is “packed in” in this special chilo noir.

More Otona Noir 750 yen / 770 yen
More Otona Noir Mini Size 550 yen / 570 yen


Komeda Coffee Shop Seasonal Shironoire “More Adult Noir”

【Sales Period】 Nov 25 (Thu) – Late December 2021 (to be determined)
【Store】 All Komeda Coffee stores nationwide *except some stores.