Have you had it yet⁉ “Drinkable Cheesecake” is now offering a spring-only “Cheese Pudding” flavor!


The “Drinkable Cheesecake” from Umeda Cheese Lab, a cheese sweets specialty store, has a new spring-only flavor, “Cheese Pudding,” which will be available for a limited time at the Daimaru Umeda store in Osaka until late May 2021.

“For Cheese Lovers” “Umeda Cheese Lab”

Based on the concept of “loving cheese, being particular about cheese, and bringing out the charm of cheese,” Umeda Cheese Lab is a sweets store “for cheese lovers” that offers new types of cheese sweets. The shop offers unique cheese sweets such as “macaroon cheese cake,” which combines cheese with a crunchy macaroon dough, “cheese tart wrapped in pie,” which has a fun crispy, tossed, and crunchy texture, and “cheese cake eaten with a spoon,” which is fluffy and smooth.

Sweet and rich “drinkable” cheese pudding

The “Drinkable Cheesecake,” which can be enjoyed as easily as a drink, is one of the most popular items on the menu, and for spring 2021, the “Cheese Pudding” flavor, with its sweetness and bitterness, will be available for a limited time.

The drink is garnished with a generous amount of caramel sauce, inspired by the sweet and rich pudding. The base is mainly custard ice cream and cream cheese, layered with mascarpone cheese and camembert sauce to create a complex flavor.


Umeda Cheese Lab “Drinkable cheese pudding” 600 yen (tax included)

【Sales Period】 Apr 8 (Tue), 2021 – Late May, 2021
【Store】 Umeda Cheese Lab, B1F East, Daimaru Umeda Store
【Address】 1-1, Umeda 3-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka