Have you seen it yet? Sylvanian Families Christmas decorations are now up at the Whitey Umeda underground shopping mall in Umeda, Osaka!

Sylvanian Families’ Christmas decorations appear at Whyte Umeda, an underground shopping mall in Umeda, Osaka. Sylvanian Families x Whitey Umeda Flower Forest Christmas” will be held from November 27 (Sat.) to December 25 (Sat.), 2021.

*Fountain Plaza decoration image

Sylvanian Families x “Real Flowers” Christmas Decorations

The “Sylvanian Families x Whitey Umeda Flower Forest Christmas” is a Christmas decoration using Sylvanian Families dolls and “real flowers”. The Sylvanian Families in their original costumes, such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and reindeer, which can only be seen here, will appear. The decorations using fresh flowers are also noteworthy. A healing space that only real flowers can create will unfold in the urban underground mall.

The three venues are the Fountain Plaza, Sunny Terrace, and the inter-fall passage. Each of these areas will be decorated with different themes such as “Snow Christmas,” “Flower Christmas,” and “Christmas Party.

Power up from fall decorations

The “Sylvanian Families x White-Umeda Flower Forest Christmas” is a redecoration of the “Flower Forest Autumn Harvest Festival Decoration,” a limited edition autumn decoration that was popular until November 25 (Thu). The decorations will not only be updated to a Christmas version, but will also be more voluminous.

There was also a drawing for a calendar.

From December 10 (Fri.), “Whity Chistmas”, a Christmas lottery where you can win seasonal flowers selected by Whity Umeda and a Sylvanian Families 2022 collaboration calendar, will also be held. You can get a lottery ticket by shopping at each store in the Whity Umeda building.


Sylvanian Families x White-Umeda Flower Forest Christmas

【Period】 Nov 27 (Sat) – Dec. 25 (Sat), 2021
【Place】 Whitey Umeda (Umeda Underground Mall, Komatsubara-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City)
【Venue】 Fountain Square, Sunny Terrace, Fallujah Passage.
*No viewing during the night or early morning when Whitey Umeda is closed.
*Free admission.

■ Christmas lottery “Whity Chistmas

【Lottery entry period】 Dec. 10 (Fri) – 25 (Sat), 2021
【Lottery tickets】 One ticket will be awarded for every 500 yen spent in a single transaction.
【Target Stores】 Each store in the Whyte Umeda building (excluding some ticket stores, etc.)

You can participate in the following two types of lottery.On-the-Spot Scratchers: If you get a winning ticket, you can use it the next time you shop, eat or drink at White-Umeda.

1. Lottery entry: Fill in the necessary information on the lottery ticket and drop it in the entry box located in
2. Plaza and you will be entered into a drawing to win a luxurious prize.
(Each application ticket can be used once)
*1 and 2 are perforated and can be used and applied.
*All the collaboration goods are not for sale.