Have you tried it yet? Minisof, a Mini-Stop soft serve ice cream specialty store, has a new “Mont Blanc” thick soft serve ice cream!


MINISTOP’s soft-serve ice cream specialty store “MINISOF” has introduced a new “Mont Blanc” flavor. It is now on sale at 13 stores nationwide.

What is MINISOF?

MINISOF “MINISOF” is a new business model of “Mini-Stop” that has soft-serve ice cream made from fresh milk and condensed milk from Hokkaido as its signature menu item. It features an extensive lineup of soft-serve ice cream products, from sweets to drinks, that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

New “Mont Blanc” Flavor

A new “Mont Blanc” flavor has been added to the sweets menu of Minisoff. The lineup consists of two flavors: “Waffle Soft Cream Mont Blanc” based on soft serve ice cream vanilla in a waffle cone, and “Nomu (Drinkable) Soft Cream Mont Blanc,” a dessert drink made with soft serve ice cream vanilla, special marron sauce, and specially selected milk from Hokkaido.

Each of these dishes is layered with a generous amount of Mont Blanc cream and fresh cream, creating a rich finish that makes you feel as if you are tasting a Mont Blanc cake. The sweet aroma of marron spreads softly in your mouth, a luxurious flavor that you are sure to enjoy.

Waffle soft serve ice cream with Mont Blanc: 490 yen

Nomu (Drinkable) soft serve ice cream with Mont Blanc: 490 yen


MINISOF’s New Flavor, “Mont Blanc”

【Release Date】 Aug 20 (Fri), 2021
【Store】 MINISOF nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Shinsaibashisuji Minami Semba Store / Namba Marui Store