Have you tried Lawson’s new “reward sweets”?


From Lawson’s “Uchi Café Spécialité” series of “rewarding sweets,” the new “Uchi Café Spécialité Sumi Fluffy Maritozzo (with hazelnut chocolate)” will be available at Lawson stores nationwide from August 17 (Tuesday), 2021. The product went on sale at LAWSON stores nationwide on August 17, 2021 (Tuesday).

Accented with hazelnut chocolate! Lawson’s Maritozzo.

In 2021, the much-talked-about “Maritozzo” sweets will be lined up as part of Lawson’s “Reward Sweets” series.

The “Uchicafe Speciality Clear and Fluffy Maritozzo (with Hazelnut Chocolate)” has a light cream made with fresh cream from Hokkaido, condensed milk, and mascarpone, sandwiched between brioche dough with a delicate texture. Hazelnut chocolate is placed between the brioche dough and the cream, creating a product that can also be enjoyed for its texture.

The popular “Doramocchi” comes in a luxurious vanilla flavor.

Also on sale since August 10 (Tuesday) are “Torokemashu -Melting Cream Puff (Milk & Whip)-” and “Doramocchi (Vanilla & Vanilla). The new Doramocchi, a popular sweet that blends Japanese and Western tastes, has vanilla cream made with fresh cream from Hokkaido and a thick vanilla sauce inside the chunky Dorayaki dough, giving it a milky taste and a vanilla aroma.

“Doramocchi (vanilla & vanilla), 190 yen


New products of Uchi Café Spécialité by Lawson

【Release Date】 Aug 10 (Tue)
“Torokemashu – Melting Cream Puffs (Milk & Whipped) – 200 yen
“Doramocchi (vanilla & vanilla) – 190 yen

【Release Date】 Aug 17 (Tue)
“Uchi Café Spécialité Clear and fluffy marituzzo with hazelnut chocolate: 260 yen

【Store】 All LAWSON stores nationwide (excluding LAWSON STORE100)