Have you tried MISDO’s autumn-only donuts yet? Well, this year they’re selling “Sweet Potato Doughnuts” too!


Mr. Donut has released a new limited-time autumn doughnut, “Sweet Potato Do,” which will be available at stores nationwide from August 27 (Fri.), 2021.

MISDO’s Autumn Limited Edition Donut: “Sweet Potato Doughnut”

Since its launch in 2019, the “Sweet Potato Donut” series has already become a favorite among fans as a regular autumn donut. For its third year on the market, the dough has been improved by kneading in Annona sweet potato powder and Beniharu powder to give it a “sweet potato” feel. The dough has been improved by kneading in Annona sweet potato powder and Benihana sweet potato powder to create a “sweet potato feel” that gives it a more crunchy and moist texture. The cross-section of the biscuit is also reminiscent of a baked sweet potato.

“New “Honey Potato” Series with a Squishy Texture Like Honey Potatoes

The new “Honey Imo” series of doughnuts are made by soaking the dough in syrup so that you can enjoy the sweetness of the honey that fills your mouth as you bite into the doughnut. Two flavors are available: the simple “Sweet Potato de Honey Potato” and the oven-baked “Sweet Potato de Honey Potato Butter Flavor” with a salted butter filling.

Purple sweet potatoes, Daigaku-imo, and sweet potatoes are still available.

In addition, “Sweet Potato de Murasaki-imo” coated with a purple sweet potato flavor glaze, “Sweet Potato de Daigaku-imo” with a sauce reminiscent of college sweet potatoes, and “Sweet Potato de Sweet Potato” topped with sweet potato cream and baked in the oven to a savory taste are also available. A total of five products, including the two new products, are available. There will be a total of five flavors, including two new ones.


Mister Doughnut “Satsumaimo Do” (Sweet Potato Doughnut)

【Sales Period】 Aug 27 (Mon) – Late November (to be discontinued gradually)
【Store】 All Mister Donut stores (excluding some stores)