Have you tried them? Houjicha Marron, a limited edition flavor with houjicha aroma, is now on sale from Umeda Cheese Lab!


Umeda Cheese Lab, which specializes in cheese sweets, has introduced a limited time product for the fall season, “Drinkable Cheesecake Houjicha Marron,” which will be available from September 11, 2021 (Saturday) until mid-November.

Umeda Cheese Lab’s autumn “drinkable” cheesecake, “Hojicha Marron

Aiming to become a specialty store in Umeda, Umeda Cheese Lab was born in September 2018 as a cheese sweets specialty store. This time, the signature “Drinkable Cheesecake” series of new sensory sweets will be joined by a lineup of limited edition fall flavors using hojicha and marron.

Limited Edition Flavor with Hojicha & Marron Scent

Underneath the cream cheese and milk ice cream shake is a gently sweetened marron paste. Layer this with rich mascarpone cheese and mascarpone sauce, then add hojicha sauce and hojicha powder, and you have a limited edition flavor with the aroma of marron and hojicha. The aromatic hojicha tea and sweet marron are complemented by the cheese to create a “drinkable” sweet perfect for autumn.


Umeda Cheese Lab “Drinkable Cheesecake Houjicha Marron

【Sales Period】 Sep 11 (Sat) – Mid-November
【Price】 650 yen
【Store】 Umeda Cheese Lab (B1 Daimaru Umeda, 3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)