Hiroshima also has a beautiful and happy scene!

At “Sera Plateau Farm” in Sera-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture, the spring seasonal event “Sakura Festival” is being held from Saturday, March 25, 2023 to Sunday, April 9, 2023.

Spring event “Sakura Festival” at Sera Plateau Farm in Hiroshima

Based on the concept that “flowers make everyone happy,” Sera Kogen Farm attracts visitors with its various flower scenery that changes with the seasons. The Sakura Festival, which is held annually every spring, is a popular event in which weeping cherry blossoms are in full bloom on a vast hill of approximately 30,000 square meters.

Weeping cherry blossoms that seem to pour down color the garden

The park, which is planted with many red weeping flowers, is colored by the spring contrast of the pink of cherry blossoms, the yellow of rape blossoms, and the blue of the sky. In addition to this, there are plans such as nighttime illuminations where you can enjoy the fantastic nighttime cherry blossoms, and sales of group plantings where you can choose flowers.

Spring limited drink “Sakura cream soda”

In addition, the popular limited drink “Sakura Cream Soda” will be available again in 2023 during the cherry blossom season. The cherry blossom-scented soda is topped with cherry blossom ice cream and salted cherry blossoms made by a local gelato studio, making it a perfect drink for the cherry blossom season.

“Sakura cream soda” 650 yen


“Sakura Festival”

【Event Period】 March 25 (Sat) – April 9 (Sun), 2023
【Hour】 9:00-18:00 (Last admission 17:00)
【Admission Fee】 Adults ¥500-800 / Children 200-400 yen
【Closed】 None during the period
【Place】 Sera Kogen (Plateau) Farm
【Official Website】 https://sera.ne.jp/

[Night light up]
【Night cherry blossom schedule】 April 1st (Sat), 2nd (Sun), 8th (Sat), 9th (Sun)
【Hour】 18:00-20:00 (Last admission 19:00)
【Admission Fee】 18:00-20:00 (Last admission 19:00)