Hotel Hankyu International’s Christmas Cake


Hotel Hankyu International’s Christmas cake is now available, with reservations accepted until December 15 (Wed), 2021, and will be on sale from December 20 (Mon) to December 25 (Sat).

Seven-layer cake “Couche de Nana” to decorate your holy night

The recommended cake for Christmas 2021 is the “Couche de Nana”, which is based on the theme of “chocolate and berries”. The cake, finished with a lustrous glaze, has seven layers in honor of the holy number “7”. It is layered with Christmas colored mousse such as strawberry and pistachio, langdosha, raspberry jam, etc., and topped with bright red berries.

Couche de nana 7,500 yen / 4 (approx. 12cm in diameter)

Strawberry Noel, a regular favorite

The “Strawberry Noel” is a popular shortcake filled with strawberries. You can enjoy the luxurious harmony of the gentle and smooth melt-in-your-mouth fresh cream and the sweet and sour taste of strawberries.

Strawberry Noel: 3,500 yen / size 4 (approx. 12cm diameter), 4,800 yen / size 5 (approx. 15cm diameter)

“Petite” size cakes for one person is also available.

A “small size” cake is also available, perfect for a Christmas spent alone. The lineup includes “Christmas Kugel,” a deep red cake with the image of a Christmas tree ornament, and “Christmas Neige,” a richly flavored cake made with two kinds of cheese.

Christmas kugel: 1,200 yen

Liqueur-scented “Stollen

In addition, there are also stollen, a popular Christmas sweet. These are perfect for enjoying at home or at a party, and also make great souvenirs.

Stollen 3,000 yen (about 18cm long)


Hotel Hankyu International 2021 Christmas Cake

【Reservation Period】 Oct 15 (Fri) – Dec 15 (Wed), 2021 *Couche de nana & Strawberry Noel
【Sales Period】 Dec. 20 (Mon) – 25 (Sat), 2021 *Couche de nana & Strawberry Noel
*Pre-order only until the 23rd.
Dec 1 (Wed) – 25 (Sat), 2021 *Christmas kugel & Neige / Nov 20 (Sat) – Dec 25 (Sat), 2021 *Stollen
【Place】 Hotel Hankyu International 1F, Take-out Corner
【Address】 19-19 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Hour】 10:00 – 21:00
【Reservation】 Online or Phone (06-6377-3618)