Hotel New Otani is holding an ‘Amao Sweets Fair’!


Three hotels under the direct management of Hotel New Otani (Tokyo, Makuhari, and Osaka) will hold an “Amaou Sweets Fair” focusing on sweets made from Hakata Amaou. Strawberry sweets will be offered at “Patisserie SATSUKI” and “Coffee Shop SATSUKI” until March 31, 2022.

Hotel New Otani “Amao Sweets Fair” in Tokyo, Makuhari, and Osaka

The ultimate shortcake: the new Extra Super Amaou Shortcake

Among the many sweets, I would like to focus on the “New Extra Super Amaou Shortcake,” the ultimate shortcake that Hotel New Otani is proud of. It’s a luxurious sweet with a perfectly balanced combination of batter, fresh cream, and eight Hakata Amaou per piece, all made with the finest ingredients.

New Extra Super Amaou Shortcake” 3,240 yen / Sales outlet: Patisserie SATSUKI /Takeout and eat-in.

Popular pancakes are now available in Amao format!

The popular pancakes at the Coffee Shop SATSUKI have also made an appearance as “Amaou Pancakes” using an abundance of Amaou. The pancakes are made with Italian ricotta cheese, cream and mascarpone cheese, and are softly baked and served with a large grain of Amao, kuromitsu anko, Amao jelly, and yokan jelly.

Amaou Pancakes” 3,520 yen / Store: Coffee Shop SATSUKI / Service charge not included. Eat-in only.

Napoleon pie, roll cakes, and a variety of other Amao sweets

Other sweets include the “Amao Napoleon Pie,” made with Hotel New Otani’s special custard that goes perfectly with strawberries; the “New Amao Roll,” which is a pure white dough softly wrapped with amao, kuromitsu bean paste, white bean paste, and lychee; and the “Amao Croissant,” which is made with two layers of dough that contain a rich amao gelée. A wide variety of sweets are available.

Amaou Napoleon Pie” 1,296 yen / Store: Patisserie SATSUKI / Takeout and eat-in.


Hotel New Otani “Amao Sweets Fair”.

【Sales Period】 – Mar. 31 (Thu), 2022 *The period is subject to change without notice depending on the availability of goods.
【Store】 Three hotels directly managed by Hotel New Otani (Tokyo, Makuhari, Osaka)
【Store in Osaka】 Hotel New Otani Osaka, Satsuki