Hotel New Otani Osaka will be holding three limited buffets for the big holiday weekend in May!


Hotel New Otani Osaka will hold three gourmet buffets during Golden Week from April 29 (Fri., holiday) to May 8 (Sun.), 2022.

Three gourmet buffets

Hotel New Otani Osaka will hold a gorgeous buffet perfect for a Golden Week getaway. Super Strawberry Buffet DX! – Strawberry Picking during Golden Week,” “Hawaiian” Poolside Buffet & Hula” to be enjoyed by the pool, and “SATSUKI Sweets & Delicious Buffet” featuring a variety of dishes such as meat, sushi, and sweets. The “SATSUKI Sweets & Delicious Buffet” will feature a variety of chefs’ specialties, including meat, sushi, and sweets.

Enjoy strawberry sweets “Super Strawberry Buffet DX!

Super Strawberry Buffet DX!” is the overwhelmingly popular strawberry sweets buffet at Hotel New Otani, based on the concept of “strawberry picking at the hotel.

The buffet features a lineup of strawberry sweets that are gorgeous in taste and appearance, including New Otani’s top-class “New Super Strawberry Shortcake” featuring the king of strawberries, “Hakata Amaou,” as well as “Amaou Strawberry Tart” and “Strawberry Roll Cake” with the aroma of cherry blossoms added. The lineup includes “New Super Amao Shortcake”, “Amao Strawberry Tart” and “Strawberry Roll Cake” with a cherry blossom flavor.

Poolside “Hawaiian” Poolside Buffet & Hula

The “Hawaiian” Poolside Buffet & Hula is a buffet where you can enjoy popular Hawaiian gourmet dishes by the poolside with a sense of openness. The buffet includes “Garlic Shrimp,” a Hawaiian staple with an irresistible aroma of garlic, “Eggs Benedict” topped with a thick poached egg, “Ahi Poke,” and more.

Hula dance shows will be held daily at the venue, so you can enjoy an exquisite resort experience as if you were in Hawaii.

SATSUKI Sweets & Delicious Buffet” with a wide variety of dishes

The royal gourmet buffet “SATSUKI Sweets & Delicious Buffet” also makes an appearance. The hotel’s traditional juicy “roast beef,” “Edomae Sushi” boasting the freshest ingredients, crispy fried “Tempura” and popular “Beef Curry” are just a few of the dishes that will grace the buffet table.

In addition, the sweets on offer include strawberry tarts, strawberry shortcake, and other supreme “strawberry” treats. This is a luxurious buffet where you can enjoy Hotel New Otani’s “food” to your heart’s content.


Hotel New Otani Osaka GW Limited Gourmet Buffet

■ Super Strawberry Buffet DX! – GW also Strawberry Picking – Amaou Sweets Presentation
【Event Period】 April 29 (Fri, Holiday) – May 8 (Sun), 2022
【Hour】 11:30 – 20:00 (Final admission 18:30) 90min for each
【Price】 Adults 7,800 yen / Elementary school students 3,800 yen / Infants (4 years and older) 2,000 yen *Service charge included
【Location】 Tea & Cocktails at SATSUKI LOUNGE
【Reservation & Inquires】 06-6949-3276 or Online

■ Hawaiian” Poolside Buffet & Hula”
【Event Period】 April 29 (Fri, Holiday) – May 1 (Sun), 3 (Tue, Holiday) – 5 (Thu, Holiday), 2022
【Hour】 12:00 – 14:30 (Final admission 13:00) 90min for each
【Price】 Adult 6,500 yen / Child (4 years old to elementary school student) 4,500 yen *Service charge included
【Location】 Poolside dining at THE TERRACE
【Reservation & Inquires】 050-3187-5731 or Online

■ SATSUKI Sweets & Delicious Buffet – Strawberry Sweets Presentation
【Event Period】 April 29 (Fri, Holiday) – May 8 (Sun), 2022
【Hour】 Lunch 12:00-15:30, Dinner 17:00-21:00 (last admission 19:30) 90min for each
*Dinner time is available only on Saturdays and from April 29 (Fri., holiday) to May 7 (Sat.).
【Price】 Adults 6,800 yen / Elementary school students 3,500 yen / Infants (4 years and older) 2,500 yen *Service charge included
【Location】 All-day dining SATSUKI
【Reservation & Inquires】 06-6920-7360