Hotel New Otani Osaka’s “Edo shaved ice is only available for a limited time!


One more piece of shaved ice information today! Edo Shaved Ice” from Hotel New Otani Osaka will be available at “NAKAJIMA Noodle Shop” and “Ki-Dokoro Isshin” on the basement floor from July 1, 2022 (Friday) to the end of September.

Edo-style shaved ice (usu. served with flavored simple syrup)

Shaved ice with a “fluffy” texture is back!

Edo shaved ice” is a popular item at Hotel New Otani Osaka every year. In 2022, the shaved ice will be available in three flavors: green tea, wasanbon, and strawberry.

The matcha shaved ice combines the mellow aroma of matcha sauce with the refreshing taste of yokan jelly and kuromitsu anko (sweet red bean paste). For a textural accent, Tanba black soybeans are placed in the ice.

The shaved ice made of wasanbon is also a focus of attention. The ice is filled with shiratama (white rice balls) and yokan jelly, and “salt” is added as a secret ingredient to enhance the soft sweetness of the wasanbon shaved ice.

The strawberry flavor uses the pulp of “Hakata Amao,” a specially selected strawberry from Fukuoka. The original sweetness and pulp of strawberries can be enjoyed in a luxurious way.


Hotel New Otani Osaka “Edo Shaved Ice

【Sales Period】 July 1 (Fri), 2022 to late September *Except Mondays
【Location】 Hotel New Otani Osaka, B1F “Noodle Restaurant NAKAJIMA” and “Kisetsu Dokoro Isshin”
【Address】 1-4-1 Shiromi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Hour】 Noodle Restaurant NAKAJIMA 11:00 – 14:00 / Kisetsu Dokoro Isshin 17:00 – 20:30
【Menu】 Matcha green tea 2,500 yen, Wasanbon 2,500 yen, Strawberry 2,300 yen
【Reservation】 06-6949-3229
【Official Website】