Hotel New Otani to Launch New Extra Super Peach Shortcake for a Limited Time Only!


Hotel New Otani’s three directly managed hotels (Tokyo, Makuhari, and Osaka) will release a limited-time sweet, “New Extra Super Peach Shortcake,” until mid-August 2021.

New Extra Super Peach Shortcake 3,780 yen

Hotel New Otani “New Extra Super Peach Shortcake”

In 2004, the first “Super Shortcake” was created based on the concept of “the ultimate shortcake created with the full power of the hotel”, and since then, the “Super Series” has continued its lineage as a specialty of “Patisserie SATSUKI”. The “Super Series”.

Whole “Ichimomo Sho” peaches of the highest quality from Yamanashi are used.

The “New Extra Super Peach Shortcake” is a juicy and lush shortcake made with the highest quality peaches from Yamanashi Prefecture, “Hitomo Sho”. It is a fantastic cake with the shortest sales period among the “Super Series,” which only appears when the main ingredient is at its peak of flavor.

The peaches used in this cake are carefully selected “Ichimomo Sho” peaches with a sugar content of 13 degrees or higher. The cake is marinated in fruity lychee honey before being combined with the lightest cream of the series and the sponge made with brown rice eggs. The cake is topped with cubes of peaches covered with Yoshino Honkuzu, and you can enjoy the taste of peaches only in this season.


“The new Extra Super Peach Shortcake.

【Sales Period】 – Mid-August 2021 *Hotel New Otani Osaka will start selling them on August 1 (Sun.).
【Price】 1 piece 3,780 yen * Limited to 20 pieces per day.
【Place】 Hotel New Otani Osaka “Patisserie SATSUKI
【Address】 Lobby Floor, 1-4-1, Shiromi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Reservations and inquiries】 06-6949-3298(10:00~20:00)