Hotel New Otani (Tokyo), where you can enjoy a variety of strawberry sweets, is offering a strawberry-filled “Super Sweets Buffet” until the end of this month!


Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) is currently holding a limited time only sweets buffet specializing in strawberries, “Super Sweets Buffet – Strawberry Sweets,” from Thursday, December 1 to Friday, December 30, 2022.

Strawberry Sweets Buffet at Hotel New Otani, Tokyo

Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) has been proposing various fruit-themed sweet buffets in accordance with the changing seasons, such as mango and peach in summer and chestnut and grape in autumn. This time, a new season of buffets starring the ever-popular “strawberries” has opened. You can enjoy a variety of strawberry sweets and special sandwiches to your heart’s content.

A variety of strawberry sweets

The “Garden Lounge,” overlooking the 10,000 tsubo Japanese garden, will be decorated with a variety of gorgeous strawberry sweets. The “Strawberry Shortcake” featuring silky sponge cake, the “Strawberry Roll” with strawberries, whipped cream, and brown bean paste, and the “Strawberry Tart” with its crispy dough and juicy strawberries are a perfect match.

16 kinds of special sandwiches

Don’t forget to try the exquisite sandwiches that only Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) can offer. The lineup includes 16 types of hotel-made sandwiches, such as the “Roast Beef & Lettuce Sandwich” using the hotel’s traditional roast beef, the “Dashimaki Sandwich” with New Otani’s special Dashimaki, Hamanako seaweed and Mitarashi sauce, and the “Steak Sandwich” which is only available on weekends.

Hot meals are also available

The meal menu also includes a variety of hot meals, including beef stew with the hotel’s traditional demi-glace sauce, so brunch or a late lunch is also recommended.


Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) “Super Sweets Buffet – Strawberry Sweets

【Sales Period】 Thursday, December 1 – Friday, December 30, 2022
[Weekday] Adults 7,000 yen / Children (4-12 years old) 4,200 yen
[Weekends & Holidays] Adults 8,200 yen / Children (4-12 years old) 4,200 yen
*An additional service charge is required
*Special rates apply for Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
【Restaurant】 Tea & Cocktails “Garden Lounge” (Garden Tower, Lobby Level)
【Reservation】 03-5226-0246 or Online
【Official Website】