Hotel Nikko Osaka will be offering “Premium Shaved Ice” for a limited time only!


Hotel Nikko Osaka will release a limited summer sweet, “Premium Shaved Ice,” from July 1 (Thursday) to August 31 (Tuesday), 2021, at the Fountain Tea Lounge on the first floor.

Fluffy” luxury shaved ice filled with fruit and ice cream

Hotel Nikko Osaka has released a colorful shaved ice with fruits and ice cream as a summer sweet that can be enjoyed in a “luxurious” atmosphere. Fresh fruits such as melons, mangoes, and peaches are combined with the fluffy ice to create a lovely looking sweet.

The centerpiece of the shaved ice is the “Marugoto Melon,” a dream shaved ice using a whole muskmelon. The melon is used as a bowl, filled with fluffy ice, and topped with melon pulp that has been hollowed out. Melon juice is also added to the whipped cream to create a “melon-filled” shaved ice.

Whole melon 6,600 yen (tax included)

The shaved ice “Magic Hour: Butterfly Pea” is a photogenic dish that uses the “color-changing” blue tea butterfly pea. When the included lemon sauce is poured over it, it changes from blue to purple. In addition to the butterfly pea syrup and jelly, the shaved ice is garnished with yuzu ice cream, pineapple compote, and Calpis cream for a refreshing finish.

Magic Hour ~Butterfly Pea~ 2,700 yen (tax included)

The “Waon: Black Molasses Kinako” is a shaved ice with a gentle taste full of Japanese sweets. Under the milk ice covered with kinako (soybean flour), black sesame ice cream is tucked in, along with other Japanese sweets such as dainagon azuki beans, green tea ice cream, and straw mochi.

Other fruity flavors include “Naniwa Mix Juice,” inspired by Osaka’s famous mixed juice, “Tropical: Mango & Passion,” which combines juicy apple mango and mango pudding, and “Peach & Peach,” which adds white peach compote and fruity peach sauce. The lineup includes “Peach & Peach” with white peach compote and fruity peach sauce, and other fruity flavors.


Hotel Nikko Osaka “Premium Shaved Ice

【Sales Period】 Jul 1 (Thu) – Aug 31 (Tue), 2021 11:00-
【Place】 Hotel Nikko Osaka 1F Tea Lounge “Fountain”
【Address】 1-3-3 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Reservation】 06-6244-1695