How cute! Gigi, the black cat from Studio Ghibli’s ” Kiki’s Delivery Service,” and Rose have collaborated to create a new line of goods.

From the Studio Ghibli goods store “Acorn Republic” comes the “OKUROSE” series of miscellaneous goods featuring the black cat Gigi from the popular movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” which will go on sale sequentially from April 2021.

The OKUROSE series

The “OKUROSE” series features a feminine design of Gigi, a black cat, and red rose flowers. The “OKUROSE” series features a feminine design of Gigi the black cat and red rose flowers. The lovely details, such as the heart-shaped design on the handle, are also very exciting.

Mug cup: 1,980 yen (tax included) *available in mid-April

Tissue pouches, makeup pouches, and flat pouches are all made of a double-layered chiffon and satin fabric with a “panreath”-shaped zipper. The handkerchiefs, which are perfect for small gifts, are made of cotton satin fabric that is light to the touch.

On April 10 (Sat.), the popular Steam Cream will launch “Steam Cream Rose Absolute,” which is packed with the scent of damask rose. The exciting packaging features Gigi, a black cat, against a background of elegant rose.

Kiki’s Delivery Service Steam Cream Rose Absolute 2,860 yen (tax included)


“OKUROSE” series

【Time of release】 April, 2021
【Store】 Acorn Republic nationwide, online store Sora no Ue Store