Hyatt Regency Osaka now offers an optional menu to make your hotel stay with your dog even more enjoyable!

Hyatt Regency Osaka is now offering “Dog Afternoon Tea Set” and “Dog Massage” as optional menus to make your stay even more fulfilling, as part of the “Holiday in the Bay Area with Your Dog” plan that allows you to relax in your guest room with your dog so that you can always spend time together.

Elegant afternoon tea with your dog in your guest room

The optional “Bow Wow Room Service Menu” now includes a new “Afternoon Tea Set for Dogs” made with horse meat, goat milk, and other ingredients that are additive-free and safe to eat! What a joy to spend an elegant moment with your dog! As an optional extra, owners can also order a seasonal afternoon tea in their rooms! However, please note that both require reservations at least 3 days in advance.

Afternoon Tea Set for Dogs Information

Price: 2,500 yen (including consumption tax and service charge)
Reservations accepted: Reservations required at least 3 days prior to use
Sample menu: 2 kinds of macarons, 2 kinds of truffles, 1 tiramisu, 2 madeleines, etc.

Dog massage to give your dog a healing moment at the hotel.

Swedish Dog Massage” is a gentle massage using only techniques developed under the guidance of veterinarians based on the latest technology of animal physiotherapy in Sweden, an advanced country in animal care, and Australia, with an emphasis on anatomy and diseases specific to dogs.
It is a good idea to use it as a gift for your dog or as a support for health maintenance so that he/she can lead a normal life in good health forever!

Dog Massage Information

Fee: 5,000 yen (including consumption tax)
Reservations accepted: Reservations required at least one week prior to use
*Massage time is approximately 30 minutes, but please plan for approximately 40 minutes to allow time for settling in.
*Please finish eating 2 hours prior to the massage. Please refrain from eating for 1 hour after the massage.
*If your pet has a medical condition, please check with your veterinarian to see if it is okay to have a massage.

Concept rooms that combine the comfort of a hotel with the feeling of glamping with your dog

The room where you can spend time with your dog is the “Regency Club Premier,” a corner room of approximately 80 m2 that is popular among hotel guests, and is equipped with a tent, hammock, carry cart, and lantern selected from the outdoor brand “LOGOS” products. This unprecedented accommodation room allows you to enjoy the feeling of glamping with your dog while staying in a hotel room! How about a relaxing stay as a new style of holiday with your precious dog?

Dog Room Privilege Amenities

From March 19 (Sat), three original macaroons (*not for dogs) will be available as a commemorative amenity for guests staying with their dogs.

Glamping Concept Room Information

【Room Type】 Regency Club Premier King (80㎡)
【Amenities for dogs】 Tent, hammock, carry cart, lantern, Small dog beds, dog dishes, gauges, and
Toilet seat, wet wipes, Bow Wow” welcome amenity, Bow Wow” room service menu for dogs (charged)
67,760 yen and up (including service charge and consumption tax, excluding accommodation tax) (per night, per room for 2 persons)
*Up to one small dog weighing up to 10 kg per room
*Please be sure to fill out the hotel’s designated “Accommodation Agreement” and fax it to the hotel at least two days prior to your stay, along with a copy of your rabies and vaccination certificates. *Please note that the hotel will not accept any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of this form.
【Reservations and Inquiries】 Phone: 06-6612-1234 (hotel representative)
Online Reservations: 

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