Hyatt Regency Osaka will start offering Japanese Afternoon Tea with Buffet tomorrow for a limited time in collaboration with a Japanese tea store!


Hyatt Regency Osaka will hold “Japanese Afternoon Tea & Buffet with 〇 Ma -MA-” from May 14 (Sat) to June 28 (Sun), 2022, at the 1F Lobby Lounge on Saturday and Sunday only.

Japanese Afternoon Tea & Buffet” in collaboration with a Japanese tea specialty store

For the first time in three years, Hyatt Regency Osaka will hold a tea-themed afternoon tea. This time, the restaurant has teamed up with Japanese tea store ◯MA, which offers casual tea ceremonies and tea in the vicinity of Toji Temple in Kyoto, to create a Japanese-style afternoon tea menu.

Tea Tasting Comparison with Sweets and Savories

The three-tier stand features a variety of tea-flavored sweets made from roasted tea, Japanese black tea, and matcha green tea. The lineup includes “Roasted Hojicha Roll Cake” with powdered hojicha tea kneaded into the dough and white chocolate cream with hojicha tea, and “Japanese Black Tea Black Forest Cream Puff” with Japanese black tea flavor arranged in a bite-size cream puff.

The white tea, Japanese black tea, hojicha (roasted green tea), and matcha (powdered green tea) used in the sweets are carefully selected by the Japanese tea store ◯MA-MA, so you can enjoy their rich aroma.

In addition to the sweets, carefully selected tea leaves are also used in the savory dishes. The menu includes “Awajicha Fu with Green Tea Miso Dengaku,” which has an irresistible sticky texture, and “Hojicha Bread with Cream Cheese,” which is made by kneading hojicha into the bread dough and baking it.

Warabi-Mochi finished with your choice of condiments

Buffet menu of ice cream & bite-sized pastries also available

In addition to the afternoon tea stand, a buffet menu is also available to add a special touch. In addition to bite-sized petit fours such as macaroons, chocolates, and canelees, there is also a selection of homemade ice cream. The ice cream is available in Japanese flavors such as green tea, black sesame, and yuzu.

Homemade ice cream

What is even more exciting is that visitors can enjoy the collaboration with Japanese tea specialty store “◯MA-” not only in sweets and savories, but also in drinks. Visitors will be served “hojicha latte” made with Kaga’s stick tea as a welcome drink, and two types of tea leaves imported from “◯MA” will be available for set drinks.

Welcome drink “Hojicha Latte


Hyatt Regency Osaka “Japanese Afternoon Tea & Buffet with 〇 ma -MA”

【Sales Period】 May 14 (Sat) – June 28 (Sun), 2022 Sat & Sun Only
【Hour】 Part 1. 12:00~14:00 / Part 2. 14:30~16:30<2 part system>
【Location】 Hyatt Regency Osaka, 1F Lobby Lounge
【Address】 13-11, Minami-Minato-Kita 1-chome, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Price】 Adults 4,719 yen, 6-12 years old 2,359 yen
【Reservation】06-6612-1234 or Online