If there’s one convenience store with great sweets, it’s Lawson! Lawson has just released a new sweet!


LAWSON has launched a new series of sweets that pursue the delicious taste of custard. The first of the series, “Fresh Custard Cream Puff” and “Buried Shortcake Pudding,” went on sale sequentially from March 14, 2022 (Monday).

New sweets focusing on the taste of custard

LAWSON’s “Uchi Café” series is gaining popularity as a way to enjoy authentic café sweets at home. The new attempt at a “custard” is made from eggs with rich, sweet, and yellow yolks, which come from birds raised on a diet of fishmeal and marigolds.

The “Buried Shortcake Pudding” is a custard pudding carefully baked with a combination of eggs and Hokkaido milk, topped with a layer of sponge dough, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream made with fresh Hokkaido cream and Hokkaido milk. It is topped with a whole strawberry, giving it the lovely appearance of a shortcake.

Meanwhile, the “Fresh Custard Cream Puff” combines custard cream with rich, milky Hokkaido fresh cream and Madagascar vanilla beans for a rich aroma, and is finished with a thin puff pastry. The custard is slow-cooked at a low temperature to give it an eggy, melt-in-your-mouth texture that is irresistible.


“Fresh custard cream puffs” 150 yen
【Release Date】 Mar 14 (Mon), 2022

“Buried Shortcake Pudding” 350 yen
【Release Date】 Mar 15 (Tue), 2022

【Store】 LAWSON stores nationwide except LAWSON STORE100

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