If you find it, be sure to eat it! Almond tofu ice cream will make you happy.


From Marunaga Seika’s ice bar “Ice Manju” series, the new “Ice Manju Almond Tofu” has appeared. It will be on sale nationwide from March 13, 2023 (Monday).

The new work of the “Ice Cream Manju” series is almond tofu

Since its release in 1962, the popular ice cream “Ice Manju” has been loved as a synonym for Marunaga Seika and a specialty of Kyushu. The new product “Ice Manju Almond Tofu” is a flavor that literally expresses the taste of almond tofu.

In order to reproduce the almond jelly that you can taste at a Chinese restaurant, almond frosting is used as the base ice cream. The azuki bean paste inside is also excellent, with a gorgeous apricot kernel flavor at the first bite and a refreshing sweetness of milk in the aftertaste, giving it a full-fledged flavor.

“Ice Cream Manju Almond Tofu” 172 yen


“Ice Cream Manju Almond Tofu”

【Release Date】 March 13, 2023 (Monday)
【Price】 172 yen
【Store】 Convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide
【Official Website】 https://www.marunaga.com/product/iceman/