If you like Evangelion, make a schedule now!

At the Asia’s largest miniature museum “Small Worlds” in Ariake, Tokyo, a collaboration event with Evangelion “Small Worlds EVANGELION Supplementation Plan” will be held from July 22nd (Sat) to September 3rd (Sun), 2023.

Small Worlds x Evangelion collaboration event

Limited photo spot of the new movie version “Break”

During the period, in addition to the permanent areas “Evangelion Hangar Area” and “Evangelion 3rd New Tokyo City Area” with the motif of the world view of Evangelion, a photo spot will be set up according to the appearance scene of the movie “Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction”. You can enjoy taking photos as if you were in the world of Eva.

Eva diorama exhibition by professional modeler Takuji Yamada

At the diorama exhibition “The World of Evangelion” by professional modeler Takuji Yamada, 15 diorama sculptures that have been featured in many magazines and media will be exhibited at once. This is the first time an exhibition dedicated to Evangelion has been attempted, and the detailed diorama work with a storyline is a masterpiece.

Production of figure in Eva costume “Narikiri figure plan”

There is also a new “Narikiri Figure Plan” where you can create your own figure in the uniform of the staff of the special agency NERV and the junior high school that Shinji attends. Only costumes owned by Small Worlds can be used, and the completed figure can be displayed at home using the attached dedicated figure base that is inspired by a hangar.

Eva Motif Collaboration Sweets & Drinks

The adjoining museum cafe offers a collaborative menu with Evangelion motifs. You can enjoy various limited sweets and drinks with motifs such as A.T. Field, Evangelion aircraft, and angels.


“Small Worlds EVANGELION Complementary Plan”

【Event Period】 July 22nd (Sat) – September 3rd (Sun), 2023
【Place】 Miniature Museum Small Worlds (Ariake Logistics Center, 1-3-33 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
【Hour】 9:00-19:00 (Last entry 18:00)
*Business hours are subject to change. For details, please visit the official website.
【Ticket Price】 Adults 2,700 yen, middle and high school students 1,900 yen, children (4-11 years old) 1,500 yen
【Official Website】 https://smallworlds.jp/