If you love bread, add IKEBUKURO Bread Festival to your TO-DO list now!


The gourmet event “IKEBUKURO Bread Festival” will be held at Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store. The period is from March 23, 2023 (Thursday) to March 28, 2023 (Tuesday).

IKEBUKURO Bread Festival brings together unique breads

The 11th IKEBUKURO Bread Festival is a gourmet event that brings together popular bakeries from all over Japan. About 45 stores will participate this time, and about 500 kinds of unique products will be developed.

Handmade deli and bread cafe cocona “Adult Strawberry Cream Bread ~ Cointreau Diplomat Cream ~” 540 yen (1 piece)
[Limited to Tobu/first exhibition] *40 items scheduled to be sold each day

“New sense” croissant appeared

Among them, the croissant “Supreme Croissant” proposed by Champagne ☆ Bakery in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, is a hot topic in New York. Cheese cream and raspberry jam are inside a cute round croissant. To finish, it is covered with white chocolate and topped with freeze-dried fruits such as berries.

Champagne ☆ Bakery “Supreme Croissant” (NY Cheese Cream & Berry) 521 yen (1 piece) [Limited to Tobu/first exhibition] *30 items scheduled to be sold each day

In addition, “Cream Croissant” from TRUCK in Shizuoka Prefecture, where fresh custard cream is poured after receiving an order, and “Beau Chon de Bray” from Yamagata Prefecture, which matches creamy mascarpone cheese and sweet and sour raspberry jam. We have a variety of unique croissants, such as the croissant with raspberries and mascarpone.

TRUCK “Cream Croissant” 420 yen (1 piece) [First store/demonstration]

Bread overflowing with cream

Don’t miss the Tobu-limited cream bread that combines custard cream and fresh cream. Ilmatone Arles, which has a store in Hokkaido, offers “Hokkaido melty cream bread”. The chewy bread dough is filled with plenty of cream from Hokkaido and custard cream with vanilla beans.

Rumatone Arles “Hokkaido Melting Cream Bread ~Fresh Cream & Custard~” 432 yen (1 piece) [Limited to Tobu/First exhibition/Demonstration]

In addition, Fukuoka Prefecture’s Ospitare will provide a demonstration of “raw sfogliatella” inspired by the sweets originating in Naples, Italy. When you take a bite, the rich fresh cream and white chocolate overflow from the crunchy dough, making it a superb dish.

Hospitale “Fresh Sfogliatella” (fresh cream & fresh white chocolate) 381 yen (1 piece) [Limited to Tobu/First exhibition/Demonstration]

There is also one item using fruit.

In addition, Kamakura Millemele’s “World’s Best Apple Pie”, which is a pie crust made with French fermented butter and a custard with a large apple and special soy milk cheese cream, and a gentle sweetness of dried persimmon “Koroigaki”. , “Uji Tea Farmer’s Dried Persimmon Bread” presented by Kyoto-born Ume Usu-do is also available.

Kamakura Millemele “World’s Best Apple Pie” 450 yen (1 piece) [First store/demonstration]


11th IKEBUKURO Bread Festival

【Event Period】 Thursday, March 23, 2023 to Tuesday, March 28, 2023
【Venue】 Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro main store 8th floor event space
【Address】 1-1-25 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
【Hour】 10:00 – 19:00
【Official Website】 https://www.tobu-dept.jp/ikebukuro/event/detail/5571
【Official Instagram】 https://www.instagram.com/tobu_ikebukuro/