If you visit Japan this season, eat up the red happy fruits! Go eat the miracle pancakes full of happiness right now!


Brunch cafe FLIPPER’S has released a limited-time spring menu item, “Miracle Pancake A lot of Amaou”. It will be offered from March 7 (Tuesday) to May 7 (Sunday), 2023.

Limited pancakes covered with overflowing “Amaou”

“Miracle Pancake A lot of Amaou”, which will be added to the lineup as the second product of the Strawberry Fair, is a pancake that uses plenty of “Amaou”, the king of strawberries. Melt-in-your-mouth soufflé pancake topped with overflowing Amaou, premium cream, and Häagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream. If you add a separate maple syrup to the finish, you can enjoy the juicy taste of “Amaou” to complete a luxurious dish.

“Miracle Pancake A lot of Amaou” 2,750 yen

Luxury strawberry milk “Amaou Milk”

In addition, “Amaou Milk”, which is a homemade sauce using seasonal “Amaou” mixed with milk, is also available. You can enjoy the rich harmony of sweet and sour strawberries and rich milk.

From left) “Amaou Milk (ice only)” 858 yen, “Amaouto Mori Strawberry Rooibos Tea (HOT/ICE)” 803 yen


“Miracle Pancake A lot of Amaou”

【Sales Period】 March 7 (Tue) – May 7 (Sun), 2023
【Store】 All Flippers stores
“Miracle pancake Amaou” 1,980 yen
“Miracle Pancake A lot of Amaou” 2,750 yen
“Amaouto Mori Strawberry Rooibos Tea (HOT/ICE)” 803 yen
“Amaou Milk (ICE only)” 858 yen
【Official Website】 https://www.flavorworks.co.jp/brand/flippers.html