If you want to enjoy spring and cherry blossoms in wonderful and happy Osaka, Japan, book Imperial Hotel now!

Imperial Hotel Osaka will hold “Sakura Festival 2023”. From March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to April 30, 2023 (Sunday), we will offer a limited spring menu.

A full lineup of spring-only menus

Sakura Pancake & Parfait

During the period, each restaurant in the Imperial Hotel Osaka will have a lineup of menus that color the cherry blossom season. At the casual restaurant “Cafe Couvert”, spring sweets such as “Sakura Cream Pancake” and “Strawberry and Cherry Blossom Tiramisu Parfait” are available. You can also enjoy a food menu such as “Various Seafood Aqua Pazza” that uses seafood luxuriously.

Course menu presented by each restaurant

At the French restaurant “Les Saisons”, we offer a course meal that includes an appetizer of lobster and other items made with spring mountain vegetables. In addition, the special Kuroge Wagyu beef and abalone course meal presented by Teppanyaki “Kamon” and the “Shark’s fin lunch” of the Chinese restaurant “Jasmine Garden” are also noteworthy.

“Sakura Anpan” for To-Go only

Also check out the “Sakura Anpan”, which is only available for takeout. The gentle sweetness of the adzuki beans is accented with salted cherry blossoms to create an elegant taste. It would be nice to have a cherry-blossom viewing picnic with this.

“Sakura Anpan” 250 yen per piece

There is also an accommodation plan where you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing from your room.

In addition, from March 18th (Sat) to April 15th (Sat), we will prepare a “ cherry blossom viewing plan from your room ”. You can relax and enjoy the view of cherry blossoms, including Kema Sakuranomiya Park, where about 4,800 cherry trees are in full bloom.


Imperial Hotel Osaka “Cherry Blossom Festival 2023”

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