If you’re looking for a cute souvenir that your kids will love, this is the one for you!

A set of ice machines and cups based on Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch game software “Pikmin 4” has appeared. It will be on sale from July 18, 2023 (Tuesday).

An ice machine where “Ice Pikmin” appears

To celebrate the release of the game software “Pikmin 4” for Nintendo Switch, a limited set of ice machines and cups has appeared. First of all, the ice machine is a unique item that can make ice in the shape of the new game software’s new character “Ice Pikmin” just by pouring water and freezing it. When colored with syrup, a more realistic visual will appear clearly, so it is also recommended to enjoy it as a decoration for a summer home party.

In addition, since the ice machine is made of silicon, it can also be used as a mold for sweets such as gummies.

Pop Glass

The paired glasses have a pop design with the logo of the new game and Pikmin motifs. Since it uses materials that are hard to break, children and adults can enjoy it with confidence. In addition, this item will be developed as an appendix to Takarajimasha’s second official brand book “Pikmin 4 Ice Pikmin Ice Maker & Cup Set Book”. Look for it at bookstores and convenience stores.


“Pikmin 4 Ice Pikmin Ice Maker & Cup Set Book” 3,949 yen

【Released】 July 18, 2023 (Tuesday)
【Store】 Family Mart nationwide, Takarajima Channel, Nintendo Osaka/Tokyo, My Nintendo Store
*Unfortunately, Takarajima Channel is sold out.
【Official Website】 https://www.family.co.jp/goods/books/6320034.html