“Imogen,” a store specializing in “Adult Japanese Candied Sweet Potatoes,” has opened in Umeda!


“Imogen,” a store specializing in “Adult Japanese Candied Sweet Potatoes,” opened in Hankyu Sanbangai in Umeda, Osaka on September 16, 2021 (Thursday).

“Imogen,” a store specializing in “Japanese Candied Sweet Potatoes for Adults

“Imogen” is a brand of Japanese candied sweet potatoes for adults, created by the chef of the sweet potato sweets specialty store “High Quality Sweet Potato Confectionery Shimizu”. The chef, who used to work in the Japanese food industry, has created a new type of sweet potato by approaching it from a “culinary” point of view, rather than from a sweets point of view.

The result is Japanese Candied Sweet Potatoes, which can be enjoyed as both a snack and a pick-me-up, made with sweet potatoes and available in four flavors: Awayuki salted lemon, sweet sugar tower cinnamon, black sesame Kinako (soybean flour), and sweet potato secret classic.

There are also new stores for “high-grade sweet potato snacks Shimizu” and “Shimizu Number Seventeen.”

“On the same day as the debut of the Imogen store, Thursday, September 16, the new stores of “high-class sweet potato confectionary Shimizu” and “SHIMIZU No. Seventeen” will open in Hankyu Sanbangai. “The new shops will offer parfaits, baked goods, and puddings made with sweet potatoes directly shipped from Kagoshima.

8 kinds of Japanese sweet potatoes to compare 3,000 yen

One of the most popular items is the Japanese flavored sweet potato. There are a variety of unique flavors such as “Satsuma Kintoki & Red Beans” with azuki beans, and “Silk Sweet & Cheese” with a smooth texture.

Japanese sweet potato, various flavors, 390 yen per piece

New potato cheese terrine in an “eating size” for one serving!

On the other hand, “Shimizu Number Seventeen,” a sweet potato and cheese terrine produced by “Shimizu,” a high-class sweet potato confectionery, is selling a sweet potato terrine that is said to “not need teeth. The popular “Shimizu Number Seventeen”, which has been an instant sell-out at the online store, is now available in full and half sizes, as well as in a new petite size for eating.

These are glass sweets that can be eaten with a spoon, and since they are only small enough for one person, it is recommended to get one as a reward for yourself.

Shimizu number seventeen, petite, 680 yen


“High-grade sweet potato confectionery Shimizu,” “Shimizu Number Seventeen,” “Imogen.”

【Opening Date】 Sep. 16 (Thu), 2021
【Place】 Hankyu Sanbangai (3rd Avenue) South Building B2F
【Address】 1-1-3 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka