Imperial Hotel Osaka 2023 Valentine’s Day products are 4 kinds of new bonbon chocolate & moist chocolate terrine

Valentine sweets for 2023 are now available from Imperial Hotel Osaka. From February 1st (Wednesday) to 14th (Tuesday), 2023, it will be on sale at the hotel shop on the first basement floor.

Imperial Hotel Osaka 2023 Valentine Sweets

2023 Valentine Sweets provided by Imperial Hotel Osaka. Among them, the most noteworthy is the new bonbon chocolate, which is an assortment of four flavors.

New “Bonbon Chocolat” with 4 flavors

“Apricot” is a fragrant chocolate made with Alsatian brandy and semi-dried apricots. “Caramel Passion” is a smooth passion fruit ganache layered with rich caramel sauce and wrapped in milk chocolate. In addition, there will be an assortment of “Noisette”, which is French chocolate ganache covered with milk chocolate, and “Framboise”, which uses raspberry confiture and ganache.

Bonbon chocolate 2,400 yen

“Terrine Chocolat” with a moist texture that “just like raw chocolate”

Also pay attention to the hotel’s special chocolate sweets. “Terrine Chocolat” is a product that you can enjoy a rich and creamy taste like raw chocolate. Slowly baked at a low temperature, it locks in the mellow taste and aroma of chocolate.

Terrine chocolate 4,000 yen

3-layer chocolate cake

The “chocolate cake” that can be enjoyed by groups and families is made with three layers and has a deep taste. A moist dough soaked in brandy syrup is layered with sweet chocolate ganache cream and covered with coffee-flavored butter cream.

Chocolate cake (15 cm) 4,800 yen *Reservation required 3 days in advance, limited to 10 units per day

As for the heart-shaped baked confectionery and chocolate assortment

In addition, the orange liqueur “Grand Marnier” will also prepare a heart-shaped baked confectionery “Classic Chocolat” and a bite-sized chocolate assortment “Chocolat Valier”.


Imperial Hotel Osaka 2023 Valentine Chocolate

【Sales Period】 February 1st (Wednesday) to 14th (Tuesday), 2023
【Store】 Imperial Hotel Osaka Basement 1st Floor Hotel Shop
【Item & Price】
・Bonbon chocolate 2,400 yen
・Chocolate cake (15 cm) 4,800 yen *Reservation required 3 days in advance, limited to 10 units per day
・ Classic chocolate 350 yen for 1, 2,300 yen for 5 (boxed)
・Terrine chocolate 4,000 yen
・Chocolat Variety 6,264 yen with 35 pieces, 12,960 yen with 68 pieces
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