Imperial Hotel Osaka now selling limited edition of 1200 Doorman Snoopy plush toys!

A limited edition of 1,200 Doorman Snoopy plush toys will be available from Imperial Hotel Osaka. Reservations will be accepted from November 23 (Tue, national holiday), 2021, and the product will go on sale on December 1 (Wed), 2021.

Doorman Snoopy” in his Imperial Hotel Osaka uniform.

Doorman Snoopy” is an original Snoopy who wears the uniform of a doorman at the Imperial Hotel Osaka, and has been offering accommodation plans and afternoon tea featuring “Doorman Snoopy” since July 2001.

Limited-edition “boxed” plush toys on sale

This time, a special plush toy was released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the birth of “Doorman Snoopy. The fluffy plush toy, dressed in the uniform of the Imperial Hotel Osaka, will be offered in a decorative box with designs of Charlie Brown, Woodstock and other PEANUTS friends.

Doorman Snoopy” plush toy (in a box): 16,500 yen


Doorman Snoopy” plush toy (in a box) (limited to 1,200 pieces)

【Reservation Start Date】 Nov. 23 (Tue, Holiday), 2021 *Phone or Online
【Release Date】 Dec. 1 (Wed), 2021
【Handover method】
・Delivered at the Imperial Hotel Osaka “Hotel Shop”.
・Delivered by Yamato Transport *Shipped to the specified address in about one week
【Address】 1-8-50, Tenmabashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Price】 16,500 yen
【Inquiry】 Hotel Store (06-6881-4878)