Insanely cute and strange!? People who want to stay at a hotel! Start planning your trip to Nagoya now!

The hotel “Strange Hotel Express Nagoya Fushimi Ekimae” (Ekimae = In front of the station) will offer an accommodation plan in collaboration with Nagoya’s “chick-shaped sweets” “Piyorin” from April 17, 2023 (Monday).

“Piyorin” × “Strange Hotel” Concept Room Appears

The Strange Hotel is recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s first hotel where robots work. This time, “Strange Hotel Express Nagoya Fushimi Ekimae”, the 19th Strange hotel in Japan, will collaborate with Nagoya’s new specialty sweets, chick pudding “Piyorin” made with Nagoya Cochin. A concept room “Piyorin Room” will appear, with guest rooms decorated with “Piyorin”.

A special room with “Piyorin” everywhere

The spacious 25.7㎡ twin-type guest room has a cute Piyorin wallpaper and curtains. In addition, the bed throws, stuffed animals placed by the pillow, glasses, and other fixtures are specially designed so that you can enjoy Piyorin in every corner.

Guests will also receive an original key chain and coaster for the “Piyorin Room” as a gift, as well as a special gift that allows them to exchange for the chick pudding “Piyorin”, which is usually difficult to purchase without lining up for a long time.


Piyorin x Strange Hotel Concept Room Accommodation Plan

【Reservation Start Date】 From Wednesday, April 12, 2023
【Sales Start Date】 From Monday, April 17, 2023
【Hotel】 Henn na (Strange) Hotel Express Nagoya Fushimi Ekimae (In front of the station)
【Address】 1-10-10 Nishiki, Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
【Price】 From 22,100 yen with breakfast, from 19,500 yen for a room without meals (both for one room per night/one room for two people/service charge included).
【Official Website】
【Official Piyorin Website】