InterContinental Hotel Osaka Christmas Cake 2021


The InterContinental Hotel Osaka has released its Christmas cake for 2021, which will be available for reservation from November 1 (Mon) to December 20 (Monday), 2021, and for sale from December 22 (Wed) to December 26 (Sun), 2021.

Royal strawberry shortcake and pistachio chocolate cake

Santa’s beard & belt motif

The strawberry shortcake, which is popular every year, is back again this year. This cute cake is boldly decorated with Santa Claus’ white beard and belt motifs. The almond batter is combined with domestic strawberries and vanilla cream to create a royal yet deep flavor.

“InterContinental Hotel Osaka Strawberry Christmas Shortcake (4,500 yen)

Chocolate cake with pistachio flavor

The “Chocolat à la Pistache” is a pistachio-scented biscuit and brûlée cake layered with a bittersweet mousse made with Valrhona chocolate and caramel, and raspberry confiture. It is a visually appealing cake that offers a stylish Christmas experience.

“Chocolat à la Pistache” 4,000 yen

Mont-Blanc Tart lined with “Amao”.

The Mont-Blanc tart is also noteworthy for its use of “Amaou” strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture, which have a distinctly sweet flavor. The tart, which has a dough-like texture like a sublet, is topped with the hotel’s special custard cream and marron cream from Kumamoto Prefecture, giving it an exquisite texture.

“Strawberry Mont-Blanc Tart (4,200 yen)

Stollen and cream puffs.

Also available are stollen made with dried fruits and cream puffs with an impressive “Japanese” flavor and green tea dough!

“Stollen”: 1,400 yen each


InterContinental Hotel Osaka 2021 Christmas Sweets Selection

【Reservation Period】 Nov. 1 (Mon) – Dec 20 (Mon), 2021
【Hands Over Period】 Dec. 22 (Wed) – 26 (Sun), 2021
【Place】 Dec. 22 (Wed.) and 26 (Sun.) Patisserie “STRESSED”, 1st floor, InterContinental Hotel Osaka
Dec. 23 (Thu) – December 25 (Sat), 2011 InterContinental Hotel Osaka, 2nd Floor Banquet Hall
【Address】 3-60, Ohbuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Reservation & Inquiry】 06-6374-5700
InterContinental Hotel Osaka Strawberry Christmas Shortcake: 4,500 yen
Chocolate-a-la-Pistache: 4,000 yen
Strawberry Mont Blanc Tart – 4,200 yen
Stollen: 1,400 yen each
Christmas cream puffs: 920 yen
*The “Stollen” and “Christmas Cream Puffs” will be available from Dec 1 (Wed.) to December 26 (Sun.), 2012.