InterContinental Hotel Osaka’s Strawberry Sweets Buffet offers a wide variety of strawberry menu items, including millefeuille!


InterContinental Hotel Osaka will hold a sweets buffet “Strawberry Anniversary” from December 2, 2022 (Fri.) to May 7, 2023 (Sun.) for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays only.

“Strawberry Anniversary” featuring a variety of strawberry sweets

InterContinental Hotel Osaka will celebrate its 10th anniversary in June 2023. To mark this memorable anniversary year, the hotel will hold a sweets buffet “Strawberry Anniversary” featuring fresh strawberries as the main ingredient.

A variety of gorgeous “strawberry” menus

The buffet table features a variety of visually gorgeous strawberry sweets, including “Strawberry Millefeuille,” which offers the harmony of crispy pie and juicy strawberries, strawberry roll cake, strawberry tartlets, and strawberry glass sweets.

The restaurant also offers a wide variety of savory dishes using strawberries. The chef boasts a variety of unique dishes such as strawberry quiche with broccoli and bacon, bruschetta with strawberries and spinach, and tarte flambée with strawberries and smoked duck.

Strawberry sweets are also available for sale.

In addition, “Patisserie Stress” on the first floor sells strawberry sweets. The menu includes “Strawberry Tart” made with luxurious strawberries, the standard “Strawberry Shortcake,” and the refreshing “Strawberry Cheesecake.


Strawberry Anniversary

【Sales Period】 December 2, 2022 (Fri.) – May 7, 2023 (Sun.) Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays only
*Daily from December 16 (Fri.) to 22 (Thu.) and 26 (Mon.) to 30 (Fri.), 2022, and from April 28 (Fri.) to May 7 (Sun.), 2023.
*No event on December 23 (Fri.)-25 (Sun.), 2022 and 31 (Sat.)-January 3 (Tue.), 2023 due to special opening.
【Hour】 15:00~16:30, 15:15~16:45, 15:30~17:00<90 minutes system>
【Restaurant】 NOKA Roast & Grill, InterContinental Hotel Osaka, 20th floor
【Address】 3-60 Ohfuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Price】 Adults 5,500 yen *including coffee and tea. Service charge not included.
【Reservation】 06-6374-5700 or Online
【Official Website】