“Ironeko-chan Festival” is now being held at “Blue Jean”, a bakery and cafe in Osaka New Hankyu Hotel!


Limited edition sweets with cat motifs will be sold at the “Ironeko-chan (Colorful Cat) Festival” at Osaka New Hankyu Hotel. The period is from February 1 (Tuesday), 2022 to February 28 (Monday), 2022.

Limited edition sweets for the once-in-a-century “Cat Day

Ironeko-chan” is a popular character of “Brujin”, a bakery and cafe in Osaka Shin Hankyu Hotel. Her “cat-shaped” menu items, such as the “Ironeko Shokuban MO” and the “Neko no Te” baked sweets, have attracted a lot of attention.

The Osaka New Hankyu Hotel held an “Ironeko-chan Festival” featuring a special menu featuring “Ironeko-chan,” and prepared limited edition sweets to celebrate “Cat Day,” a once-in-a-century day on February 22, 2022.

Financier and Cream Sandwich Box Set” 1,000 yen

Ironeko” Financier and Cream Sandwich Set

The “Financier & Cream Sandwich Box Set” is a limited edition set that allows you to choose five of your favorite combinations of four baked sweets that can only be enjoyed at the festival. The baked sweets include the “Ironeko Cream Sandwich” with cat-shaped sable and smooth cream, and the “Ironeko Financier” with pistachio, raspberry, and double chocolate flavors.

Financier and Cream Sandwich Box Set” 1,000 yen

“Iro-neko-no-te (Colorful Cat’s Pow)” also has a limited edition berry flavor.

“Iro Neko no Te (Colorful Cat’s Pow),” a baked cake in the shape of a cat’s hand, inspired by churros that are easy to eat on the go, also comes in a limited-time “strawberry” flavor. The crunchy and fluffy dacquoise dough is filled with strawberry cream.

There will also be a “cat” campaign. The campaign includes an “Ironeko-chan original eco-bag” and a “22% (nyan nyan) off coupon with Ironeko-chan design”.


Iroko Neko-chan Festival

【Event Period】 Feb. 1 (Tue) – 28 (Mon), 2022
【Place】 Osaka Shin Hankyu Hotel B1F Bakery & Cafe “Blue Jean”
【Address】 1-1-35 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
*You will receive an “Ironeko-chan original eco-bag” with a purchase of 2.500 yen or more. This offer ends as soon as the bag is gone.
*If you purchase any item from the Ironeko series (except for the Ironeko Bread Ears), you will receive a 22% off coupon with Ironeko-chan design. However, the coupon is valid for purchases of 2,500 yen or more. The coupon will be valid from March 1 (Tuesday) to April 30 (Saturday), 2022.
【Web Site】 https://www.hankyu-hotel.com/hotel/hh/osakashh/restaurants/blue_jean/menu/nekonohi2022

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