It’s almost sold out! Gotta go try the “Three Sisters of the Miracle Pancake Strawberry” served with strawberry daifuku!


Soufflé pancake specialty store Flippers is releasing its new sweet “Miracle Pancakes: Three Strawberry Sisters” in a limited edition of 20 servings per day at all Flippers stores from March 26 (Fri.) to April 11 (Sun.), 2021.

Miraculous Pancakes: Three Strawberry Sisters 1,540 yen (tax included) (limited to 20 servings per day)

“Miracle Pancakes: Three Strawberry Sisters” using three kinds of strawberries

The final menu item for Flipper’s Strawberry Event is the Miracle Pancakes: Three Strawberry Sisters. This time, under the theme of “Three Strawberry Sisters,” the pancakes are made with three kinds of strawberries carefully selected from all over Japan.

The rich cream is topped with “Amaou”, the king of strawberries, and the smooth soufflé pancake is filled with “Tochiotome”, a fresh, sweet and sour strawberry. The strawberry daifuku with a heart-shaped cross-section served with the pancakes is made from Tochiaka, which has a firm sweet taste. You can enjoy the contrast in texture between the plump sakura mochi and the fresh strawberries. In addition, “The Miracle Pancake: Three Strawberry Sisters” offers an “all-you-can-carry strawberry sauce” service, so you can enjoy the original sauce with plenty of strawberry pulp.


New Sweets: “Miracle Pancakes: Three Strawberry Sisters

【Sales Period】 Mar 26 (Mon) – Apr 11 (Sun), 2021
【Price】 1,540 yen (Tax included) *Limited to 20 servings per day, served only at eat-in
【Store】 All Flipper’s
【Store in Osaka】 Umeda EST Store