It’s been a year and a half! Seasonal Hokkaido Gourmet Gathered in Abeno Harukas, Osaka! Vol.2


For the first time in a year and a half, the “Great Hokkaido Exhibition” is being held at the “Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store”, featuring Hokkaido gourmet foods that are not easily available in Kansai. The second exhibition will be held from April 28 (Wed.) to May 4 (Tue.)!

Feature points for the second phase (April 28 (Wed.) to May 4 (Tue.))

The second issue features asparagus, the seasonal vegetable of the north!

Asparagus, which prefers cool weather, is a spring vegetable famous in Hokkaido. It has few strands and is tender all the way to the stem, and is characterized by its freshness and rich sweetness.

Miso ramen with 2L asparagus, available only at the Kintetsu main store. Kokumin Shokudo’s “Tokusai Miso Ramen with Extra Thick Asparagus from Hokkaido” (1,485 yen, tax included) is only available at the Kintetsu Main Store.

From HOKKAIDO SNOW JEWELS, the three-color asparagus “Hokkaido’s Northern Jewel Kanjime Asparagus (Green, White, Purple)” (approx. 150g per bunch, 486 yen including tax), characterized by its strong sweetness, is now available at the Kintetsu Main Store for the first time, directly from the producer!

The second edition will also feature strawberries. Look out for the “Kaorino Daifuku and To-kun Daifuku Comparison Set” (set of 4, 1,401 yen, tax included) from Potapota Strawberry, and the “Two Gelato Doppio” (551 yen, tax included) from RE di ROMA plus.

Other popular Sapporo City gourmet

The “MOOJUU BREAD Set of 4” (4,320 yen, tax included) and the “Maritozzo (Banna)” (432 yen per piece, tax included), both made by a former Italian chef who kneaded Hokkaido cheese into the dough and was particular about all the ingredients and production methods, will be available for the second round.


Great Hokkaido Exhibition

【Period】[Phase 2] April 28 (Wed) – May 4(Tue) (*17:00 on the last day)
【Place】 Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store, Wing Building 9F

*The event may be cancelled, postponed, or changed due to a declared state of emergency.