It’s been a year and a half! Seasonal Hokkaido Gourmet Gathered in Abeno Harukas, Osaka!

The “Great Hokkaido Exhibition,” a gathering of Hokkaido gourmet foods not easily found in the Kansai region, will be held at the Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store for the first time in a year and a half! First, let’s take a look at the first phase, from April 21 (Wed) to 27 (Tue).

Feature points for the first phase (April 21 (Wed.) to 27 (Tue.))

For the first issue, we are featuring sweets that use our buyers’ favorite “Anko”!

Anko (sweet bean paste) sweets using the brand-name azuki bean “Shumari” are now available.

“Shumari” is a rare variety that accounts for only about 10% of the total red beans produced in Hokkaido due to its difficult production. It is characterized by its small size, beautiful vermilion color, elegant aroma and pale purple color when processed into red bean paste.

An omelet with cream, Shumari sweet bean paste and plump, sweet Kanoko beans sandwiched between a soft sponge, available only at the Kintetsu Main Store. The photo shows the “Shumari Anko and Kanoko Beans Pure Raw Omelet” (540 yen, tax included) from “Maiko no Madeleine.

Caramel Zakka Store (Sweets Shop) also offers sweets made with “koji fermented bean paste” produced by Shibuya Brewery in Honbetsu-cho, Hokkaido!

The “Hokkaido Kinako Parfait” (781 yen, tax included) on the left of the photo, made with Koji Fermented Bean Paste made by Shibuya Jozo in Honbetsu-cho, Hokkaido, and the “Muzukuru Suru Kinako Filled Soft” (451 yen, tax included) on the right of the photo will be available for the first time only at the Kintetsu Main Store.

The first edition will also feature Hokkaido’s soul food, Zanghi (Fried Chicken). With the cooperation of the Hokkaido Zanghi Federation, “Nubukuro’s Zanghi” (100g, 401 yen, tax included) from “Chinese Cuisine Nubukuro” will be on sale, and “Zanghi-friendly Beer”, a local beer that goes perfectly with Zanghi, will also make its Kansai debut!

Other popular Sapporo City gourmet

Miso Ginger Ramen” (1,350 yen per person, tax included, limited to 150 each day), a thick miso ramen from “Menya Yukikaze” that combines three types of miso soup: white miso, red miso, and their own original miso blend, will be available at the first eat-in space.

Hokkai Kobo’s extravagant boxed lunch “Four Great Crabs” (3,456 yen per fold, tax included), in which you can taste the four major types of crabs: king crab, snow crab, hairy crab, and Hanasaki crab, also made its first appearance.

In addition, “Shiroi Koibito Soft Ice Cream (White, Mixed, Black)” (401 yen each, tax included), a light and rich soft ice cream made of raw milk from Hokkaido and Shiroi Koibito chocolate, will be available for two weeks.


Great Hokkaido Exhibition

【Period】 [Phase 1] April 21 (Wed) – April 27 (Tue) (*17:00 on the last day)
[Phase 2] April 28 (Wed) – May 4(Tue) (*17:00 on the last day)
【Place】 Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store, Wing Building 9F

The event may be cancelled, postponed, or changed due to a declared state of emergency.