It’s easy to get cute♪ 【Nationwide】 TULLY’S COFFEE has collaborated with “Tom & Jerry”!

TULLY’S COFFEE has launched a limited edition menu and goods in collaboration with “Tom & Jerry”, which will be available from March 10, 2021 (Wed).

Collaboration between TULLY’S COFFEE and “Tom & Jerry”

In 2020, Warner Bros. will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth of the popular animated series “Tom and Jerry”, which has been loved by people of all ages. In celebration of the release of the live-action film “Tom and Jerry”, this collaboration, which will continue in 2020, will feature drinks, food, and various goods with a “Tom and Jerry” motif.

Right) Tom & Jerry Blueberry Cheesecake Latte” 693 yen (tax included)

【AD】 Tom and Jerry’s Cute Silicone Pouch♪

Blueberry Cheesecake Latte & Caramel Popcorn Nut Latte

Ka…kawaii (cute)… The first drink on the menu is the “Tom and Jerry Blueberry Cheesecake Latte,” which is a vanilla latte topped with fromage whip with Emmental cheese, blueberry sauce, and cheese cookies, and the “Tom and Jerry Caramel Popcorn Nut Latte,” which is a hazelnut latte with fruit flavored popcorn and caramel sauce. The “Tom and Jerry Caramel Popcorn Nut Latte” is a hazelnut latte with fruit flavored popcorn and caramel sauce. Both menu items will be served in limited edition cups featuring Tom in his barista outfit and Jerry holding a coffee cup.

“Tom & Jerry Caramel Popcorn Nut Latte” 693 yen (tax included)

There are three food menus in total.

In addition to the drinks, there are also three food items available for the first time, including the “Tom & Jerry Hot Dog Cheese & Cheese Melt,” which has a two-color cheese sauce topped with savory fried onions.

Original Goods & Coffee Beans

There is also a large lineup of original goods. From Tom & Jerry mascot key chains to limited edition tumblers and mugs to coffee beans, there is a wide variety to choose from.

Clockwise from top left)
“Mild 101” left 100g/648yen (tax included), 200g/1,296yen (tax included) “Tully’s Zips Single Serve Mild 101” (8p/box) 1,296yen (tax included), “Hawaii Kona 100% Ariana Farm” 150g/box 5,000yen (tax included)
“Tom & Jerry Collaboration Eco Bag (Coffee)” 1,760 yen (incl. tax), “Tom & Jerry Tully’s Card & Slide Zipper Set” from 1,330 yen (incl. tax) (330 yen incl. tax + 1,000 yen Tully’s card deposit), “Tom & Jerry Stainless Steel Tumbler” 2,750 yen (incl. tax) Tom and Jerry Stainless Steel Tumbler” 2,750 yen (incl. tax), “Tom and Jerry Beans Canister” 1,320 yen (incl. tax), “Tom and Jerry Face Mug” 1,815 yen (incl. tax), “Tom and Jerry Mascot Keychain (Jerry)” 1,430 yen (incl. tax) *on sale 4/9, “Tom and Jerry Mascot Keychain (Tom)” 1,650 yen (incl. tax) *on sale 4/9 Tom and Jerry Masking Tape (set of 3): 902 yen (tax included)* on sale 4/9)
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Tully’s Coffee x “Tom & Jerry” Collaboration Menu & Goods

【Release Date】 Mar 10 (Wed)
【Store】 Tully’s Coffee nationwide
* Some are also available at the online store