It’s getting hotter fast this year! So, how about Lawson Uchi Cafe’s new Japanese strawberry ice cream?


Lawson’s Uchi Café has released a new ice cream, “Uchi Café Japanese Fruit: Fukuoka Prefecture’s Amau Strawberries,” which will be available at Lawson and Natural Lawson stores nationwide from April 20, 2021 (Tue).

Sweet and juicy “domestic strawberry” ice cream

UchiCafe Japanese Fruit is a fruity ice cream series that uses more than 30% domestic fruit juice. The series has been so popular that a total of over 17 million bottles have been sold in 28 varieties.

The latest addition is a juicy strawberry flavor with 30% domestic strawberry juice. The ice cream has a gentle sweetness thanks to the luxurious use of Amao strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture.

Uchi Cafe Japanese Fruits: Strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture 185 yen (Tax lincluded)

It’s like a café mocha. “Dark café mocha waffle cone.

In addition, from April 27 (Tuesday), “Uchi-Cafe Dark Cafe Moka Waffle Cone” using a crispy waffle cone will be released.

The ice cream is made with Ethiopian moka espresso coffee, combined with a savory cocoa flavored cone, and finished with a moderately sweet chocolate sauce. You can enjoy the slightly adult, bittersweet taste as if you were drinking a cafe mocha.


Lawson Uchi Cafe Original Ice Cream

■ Uchi cafe Japanese fruit: Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka 185 yen (tax included)
【Release Date】 Apr 20 (Tue), 2021

■ Uchi cafe dark cafe mocha waffle cone 298 yen (tax included)
【Release Date】 Apr 27 (Tue), 2021

【Store】 Lawson and Natural Lawson stores nationwide