It’s got to be good! Komeda Coffee Shop will be releasing “Mashiro (Pure white) Noir” for a limited time starting today!


A seasonal shironoir, “Mashiro Noir,” will go on sale exclusively at Komeda’s coffee shops nationwide from April 28 (Wed), 2021 until early June.

A seasonal product with a “pure white” visual.

Komeda Coffee Shop’s popular “Shiro Noir” menu is now available in a seasonal limited edition called “Masashiro Noir” with a “white” visual. The warm Danish bread is topped with cool soft ice cream and a generous amount of milky condensed milk. The top is decorated with a bright red cherry for an accent.

In between the Danish bread, there is a generous amount of honey that melts in your mouth. Condensed milk, soft ice cream, and honey are intricately intertwined to create a rich taste. In addition to the regular size that can be shared, there is also a mini size that is perfect for one person, so make your choice according to the occasion.


Mashiro Noir (Pure white noir)

【Sales Period】 April 28 (Wed), 2021 to early June 2021 (to be determined)
【Price】 Regular Size: 750 – 770 yen / Mini Size: 550 – 570 yen (Tax included and Prices vary by store.)
【Store】 All Komeda Coffee stores nationwide *except some stores.