“It’s like eating clouds!” New “Cloud Gummies” with a fluffy texture, cherry soda flavor with an image of “Akane-iro (Madder Red) sunset clouds” are now on sale!


Kanro’s newest sweet, “That Day Yellow Cloud Gummi,” has been available in limited quantities at FamilyMart stores nationwide since Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

New “Cherry Soda Flavor” in the Soft and Fluffy “Cloud Gummies” lineup

“It’s like eating a cloud floating in the sky!” With a soft and fluffy texture, the popular “Cloud Gummies Dreamed of That Day” quickly sold out after their release in 2021. This time, a new flavor based on the image of “clouds at dusk tinted madder red” has been added to the “Cloud Gummi” lineup.

The new “That day, clouds in the twilight Gummi” is a nostalgic cherry soda flavor. Inside the bag are three types of cloud shapes, each in madder red color as if illuminated by the setting sun, as well as a rare autumn motif that you will be lucky enough to encounter.

That day, clouds in the twilight Gummi, 158 yen (Limited quantity)

“Mudder Red” sunset cloud image package

The package design is fantastical, with “cloud gummies” floating in the gradation of dusk. There are a total of five varieties, all of which can be connected to create a large autumn sunset sky with dancing maple trees and ginkgo trees.


That day, clouds in the twilight Gummi, 158 yen

【Release Date】 Nov. 22 (Tue), 2022
【Store】 FamilyMart stores nationwide