It’s still hot! If you see it at a convenience store, buy it! “Adult Gari Gari-kun Mango” with more fruit juice (shaved ice & ice cream)


Akagi Milk Industry’s new popsicle in the Gari Gari-kun series, “Adult Gari Gari-kun Mango,” will go on sale nationwide on August 23, 2022 (Tuesday).

Renewed “Adult Gari Gari-kun Mango” with increased mango juice

Adult Gari Gari-kun Mango, released in 2017, is back after a five-year absence. It has been renewed with more mango juice than the previous version to enjoy a richer mango flavor.

The ice cream contains 33% mango juice. The size of the ice is finer than that of the regular “Gari Gari-kun” to express the sticky texture and juicy flavor of mango. The result is a rich taste perfect for the hot summer season.


Adult Gari Gari-kun Mango

【Sales Date】 Tuesday, August 23, 2022
【Price】 108 yen
【Store】 CVS, supermarkets, mass merchandisers, etc. nationwide
【Official Website】