It’s time to get some UV protection! “The perfect combination of sunbathing and UV protection! UNIQLO’s UV-Cut Wear.

UNIQLO, which has released a special website for its UV-cut collection, is now offering “wearable UV-cut clothing” that combines sunbathing and UV protection, both of which are attracting renewed attention due to the Corona disaster.

Two special UV-cut processing technologies

UNIQLO’s UV-cut collection is equipped with two special UV-cut processing technologies to match the material of the items to achieve maximum shielding. It blocks over 90% of UV rays. The collection has also been verified that its effectiveness does not diminish even after 10 washes. However, the effect of the UV-absorbing type of treatment may gradually fade with repeated washing. On the other hand, the effect of UV-reflective type treatment is basically semi-permanent because the reflective material is kneaded into the fiber.


Women’s is a variation that can be used for multiple purposes, from neighborhood and commuting style to fitness.


For men’s, they have a wide variety of items made from the highly comfortable Airism material with UV protection.


There is also a full line of KIDS products, including the comfortable Airism series, which dries quickly even when you sweat. They are also convenient to carry around.


The BABY section has items perfect for small children who have difficulty with UV protection.


As for the accessories, there is a lineup of UV protection goods that can be used in each scene of your outing.

“Let’s get good with the sun!”

Regarding sunbathing and UV protection at this time of the year, Dr. Nagumo of Nagumo Clinic calls, “Let’s be good with the sun! He calls out, “Let’s be good with the sun!

Dr. Nagumo says, “There are ‘bad’ and ‘good’ ultraviolet rays, but the ‘good’ ultraviolet rays are not only negative, as they are a wonderful blessing of nature that is essential for maintaining our health. First of all, learn to develop a good sunbathing habit while avoiding denseness by ‘sunbathing for 15 minutes a day’.” He advises.

Why not combine sunbathing and UV protection with these latest UNIQLO items?


Uniqlo UV Cut Collection

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